Controversial Erection of Spanish Statue Ends in Violence and Gunfire in New Mexico

A protest ended in violence after controversy around the erection of a Spanish statue. Here’s the story. 

Protests Spark Over Juan de Oñate

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The contentious debate surrounding the installation of a statue honoring Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate in northern New Mexico took a dangerous turn as a gunshot pierced the air during a protest. 

Postponement Unsuccessful 

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This dramatic incident unfolded against the backdrop of heightened tensions, leading to the postponement of the statue’s unveiling by county officials.

Shooter Sporting MAGA Hat

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The individual at the center of the shooting was a man sporting a Maga hat, identified as 23-year-old Ryan Martinez. 

MAGA Shooter Refuses to Follow Police Orders

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Earlier in the day, Martinez had engaged in a heated exchange with protesters, prompting law enforcement officers to instruct him to leave the scene. 

Caught Red Handed 

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In a shocking turn of events captured on video, he vaulted over a short wall, advancing toward the crowd. 

Shots Fired

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Suddenly, he produced a firearm from his waistband, firing a single shot before swiftly departing.

Pedestrian Pleads for Help

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The gunshot sent shockwaves through the assembly, with one person heard pleading for assistance after sustaining a gunshot wound to the upper torso . 

Help Arrives 

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The wounded individual was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, their identity still undisclosed. 

Police Step In

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More than 20 law enforcement vehicles descended upon the scene, and Martinez was promptly apprehended. 

Unknown Motive 

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However, the motive behind the shooting remained unclear, according to officials.

The Controversy of Juan de Oñate

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The legacy of Juan de Oñate has long ignited controversy in New Mexico’s history. 

The Controversy Continues

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Activists have targeted statues and representations of the Spanish conquistador, decrying his harsh and brutal treatment of Native Americans during the colonization of the Southwestern United States. 

Hero or Horrid?

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While some Hispanics consider Oñate a symbol of their heritage, others condemn him for his oppressive actions.

Fears for Public Safety

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Prior to the shooting, county authorities had wisely decided to delay the statue’s installation, citing concerns over public safety. 

Sheriff Thankful for Postponement

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Sheriff Billy Merrifield expressed his gratitude for the commissioners’ choice to halt the unveiling. 

Activists Stay Strong 

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Nonetheless, people still congregated at the site, holding banners that read “not today Oñate” and “celebrate resistance, not conquistadores.”

Sheriff Devastated 

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In the aftermath of the shooting, Sheriff Merrifield expressed his deep anguish over another instance of gun violence. 

No Questions Please

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Declining to take questions, he indicated that New Mexico State Police were overseeing the crime scene and investigation. 

More Answers to Come

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However, the police did not provide any information regarding the charges brought against the suspect, Ryan Martinez, who now remains in custody.

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