Questions Arise About Joe Biden’s Awareness in Inquiry into Hunter’s Financial Dealings

A recent congressional hearing on whether to launch a formal impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden was centered on whether foreign businesses would hire his son, Hunter, without his father’s influence. Republicans painted a picture of Joe Biden as the head of a crime family, but it seems the real specter in the room was Donald Trump.

The Republican Claim

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The hearing was meant to determine if there was enough evidence to merit an impeachment inquiry into the president.

The Republicans made claims of Joe Biden abusing his public office for personal financial gain, involving foreign business interests in Ukraine and China. However, no concrete evidence to support these claims was given.

Hunter Biden’s Guilt

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A poll showed that most Americans believe Hunter used his father’s position to make money, but they do not necessarily think Joe Biden was involved.

This is an important point as it partly supports the Republican allegations.

Hunter has made millions from foreign business deals, but even the Republicans’ own witnesses could not establish the president’s guilt.

A Key Witness

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The Republicans called on law professor and Fox News legal analyst, Jonathan Turley, to explain why an impeachment inquiry could not be avoided.

Turley stated that what Hunter and his associates did was corrupt, but the evidence does not support articles of impeachment at this time.

Did the President Know?

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Turley stated as fact that Hunter Biden was corrupt and said the country needed to know if the president was in on it. He said, “The question is, did the president know? Did he encourage this type of corruption? And the key here, once again …

you have to begin with a recognition that what Hunter Biden and his associates were doing was corrupt. That’s what influence peddling is.”

Current Evidence

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However, Turley acknowledged that, as things stand, the evidence is not there. “I do not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment,” he said.

The Democrat’s Witness

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That would make any impeachment inquiry a fishing expedition. Or at least a distraction from what the Democrats say is really going on.

Moreover, The lone witness for the Democrats, Michael Gerhardt, a professor of jurisprudence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, felt the accusation had no ground to stand on.

Lots of Assumptions

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Micheal told the committee that the evidence did not show that the president was, in effect, in the pay of his son. “There have been lots of assumptions, lots of accusations. But the dots have not been connected,” he said.

A Secret Motivation

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Democratic Congresswoman Melanie Ann Stansbury connected other dots. She said the hearing wasn’t really about Biden at all but a “chilling” attempt to make the dozens of pending criminal charges against Trump seem “like they’re not serious crimes”.

A Different Kind of Campaign Strategy

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Stansbury questioned, “What is this hearing actually about? It’s a campaign strategy. It’s a misuse of official resources.

It is this committee and loyalists of Donald Trump doing his bidding to bolster his chances of winning back the White House and securing their majority in the next election.” 

The Grand Puppet Master

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The congresswoman then concluded her statement by making a not-so-subtle reference to Donald Trump. She said, “I think it’s obvious who the grand puppet master is here.”

A Speculative Case

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Overall, the case against Joe Biden is largely speculative and lacks concrete evidence of wrongdoing. This hearing was seen as a campaign strategy to support Trump’s chances of winning back the White House.

Deflecting From Issues

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Many believe that the focus on Joe Biden is a way to deflect from other issues, including Trump’s pending criminal charges. Most Americans believe that Hunter Biden used his father’s position to make money, but not necessarily that Joe Biden was involved.

Nothing Solid

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While there is some evidence of corruption and misbehavior, there is nothing solid enough to support an impeachment inquiry. The hearing was largely a political spectacle, and it remains to be seen whether any concrete action will be taken against Joe Biden in the future.

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