Trump Throws Stones At Biden From His Glass Tower

Former President Donald Trump made headlines once again as he took the stage during a recent speech in Anaheim, California, delivering a pointed critique of President Joe Biden’s mental health. Here’s the full story.

The Speech

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Before delving into his commentary on President Biden, Trump turned his attention to California Governor Gavin Newsom, whom he accused of being a top surrogate for Biden due to concerns about the president’s ability to serve out his term.

Biden’s Top Surrogate

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Trump said, “Gavin has become Crooked Joe Biden’s top surrogate, I think because he doesn’t think Biden is going to make it. That’s why he’s doing it. He doesn’t think he’s going to make it, and it won’t be him so easy. He’s gonna have a big fight.”

Will Biden Secure Nomination?

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“However, because there will be a lot of Democrats competing, it’s going to be very interesting, but let’s see. Look, some people say Biden is going to make it,” he added.

The Question

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Trump then posed a question to the crowd, asking, “Does anybody think he’s going to make it to the starting gate?”

The audience responded with a resounding “No!” to Trump’s question.

The Impersonation

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Then the former president continued by launching into an impersonation of Biden.

“I mean, the guy can’t find his way off of a stage. Look, here’s a stage. Here’s the stage. I’ve never seen this stupid stage before, right? I’ve never seen it. But if I walk left, there’s a stair, and if I walk right, there’s a stair. And this guy gets up,” Trump humorously said before imitating Biden and adding, “Where am I? Where the hell am I? Where am I?”

He Is Terrible

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In his imitation of Biden, Trump humorously reenacted the president’s potential moments of confusion.

“Nah, he’s terrible. Terrible. You know, I’m much tougher on him than I used to be,” Trump said.

He intensified his critique of Biden, characterizing him as the “worst president in history.”

Even Al Capone Was Not Indicted So Much

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Trump said, “Out of respect for the office, I was never like, ‘He’s the most corrupt president, the most incompetent president we’ve ever had,’ but when they indicted me, and then again and again and again — I was never indicted. Now I’m setting records. Al Capone was not indicted so much.

Alphonse Capone. If you looked at Al Capone in the wrong way, he’d kill you. He was not indicted like me.”

A Change in Stance

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Trump accepted that his current stance differs from his earlier comments about Biden but attributed the change to his belief that the current leadership posed a significant threat.

Most Corrupt President

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“I call him the worst president in history, I call him the most corrupt president in history, and I call him the most incompetent president. Other than that, he’s doing a fabulous job I think, ladies and gentlemen,” he concluded.

Twitter Users Expressed Their Views

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Several commenters shared their thoughts on the incident.

One wrote, “Biden beat Carter as being the worst president EVER, he deserves an award. Where are the ceremonies?”

Neither Are Worthy

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Another added, “Trump’s rhetoric is hateful, dangerous, and toxic, but Biden is most likely suffering from some form of dementia. Neither at this point is consistently worthy.”

America Needs to Wake Up

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A third commented, “America needs to wake up, & see what Biden is doing to this country! We are slowly moving towards self-destruction!”

Trump Will Say Anything

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A fourth wrote, “Trump will say anything to get a vote because he now knows he is losing. Wake up people, and start looking for another candidate who can lead the nation in the proper direction.”

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