‘Annihilation’ – Conservative Rebellion Grows as MPs Fear Labour Landslide at the Ballot

A former Tory Cabinet minister, Sir Simon Clarke, has called upon Tory MPs to oust Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to avoid an “annihilation” at the next election. The call for a change in leadership follows the Conservative party’s dismal poll results, pathing the way for a potential Labour landslide. 

Sir Simon’s Critique

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Sir Simon Clarke, who once served as Sunak’s deputy at the Treasury, labelled Sunak’s leadership as “uninspiring,” saying, “Rishi Sunak has gone from asset to anchor.” In Clarke’s warning, he proclaimed, “The unvarnished truth is that Rishi Sunak is leading the Conservatives into an election where we will be massacred.”

The Call for Action

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His plea is a blistering attack on the current Prime Minister, who’s potentially leading the Conservatives into the biggest Tory election loss in decades.

Urgency for Change

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Sir Simon implored his colleagues to listen to the public and not “meekly sleepwalk towards an avoidable annihilation.” Clarke’s urgency is the only way for the party to have a “fighting chance” at the upcoming election.

The Stakes

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According to Clarke, the stakes are nothing short of the party’s survival. But the question is, will he get the support that he believes his rallying cry deserves?

Support for Simon’s Call

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In response to Sir Simon’s article, where he said that “Rishi Sunak has gone from asset to anchor.” and that “The unvarnished truth is that Rishi Sunak is leading the Conservatives into an election where we will be massacred,” former Tory minister and peer Lord Zac Goldsmith expressed his agreement, stating, “He’s obviously right.”

Clarke’s Dissent

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Sir Simon recently voted against Sunak’s infamous Rwanda deportation bill, arguing that his party now “face an utter disaster when it becomes clear over the months ahead that it does not deliver” and “Many of us will not stand idly by and let that happen.”

Growing Dissent

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The dissent within the Tory ranks is growing among current and former MPs. Another former Tory Cabinet Minister, Sir David Davis, decried the situation as “getting silly.”

Critique of Leadership Ambitions

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He criticized MPs for putting their “leadership ambitions ahead of the UK’s best interests” and urged them to step down for their duty to the country. For their words to gain any momentum in parliament, the party must have at least 15% of the MPs submit a letter of no confidence.

A Lone Voice for Change

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So far, only one MP, Dame Andrea Jenkins, has publicly called for a replacement for the Prime Minister.

Labour’s Reaction

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Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth seized the opportunity to criticize the government, stating, “This is a failing, divided government incapable of gripping problems facing the country.” The opposition party sees the internal strife within the Tories as part of a much larger issue that’s deeply rooted in the party. from the cost of living crisis to state of the NHS.

Labour’s Call for Change

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“More proof that after 14 years it’s time for change. Only Labour has a plan to turn the page & get our future back.” Ashworth added.

Liberal Democrats’ Perspective

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Daisy Cooper, the Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, spoke out against the rife among the Tories, calling the situation “utterly ludicrous.” She criticized the Conservative Party for “discussing installing a fourth Prime Minister without giving voters a say.”

The Demand for a General Election

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Cooper insisted it’s time for Rishi Sunak to call a general election, “The Conservatives are once again fighting like rats in a sack while families face soaring bills and an NHS crisis… People are sick and tired of this never-ending Conservative Party soap opera.

Public Fatigue

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“It’s time for Rishi Sunak to give voters the chance to put an end to this farce and call a general election,” she said.

Polling Woes

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A recent YouGov poll indicated that the Conservatives might face a 1997-style wipeout in the upcoming general election. The survey suggested that Sunak could retain as few as 169 seats, with Keir Starmer leading Labour to a landslide majority.

Calls for Party Unity

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Dame Priti Patel, the former home secretary, and Sir David Davis cautioned against internal division. Patel urged the party to focus on serving the people and warned against “facile and divisive self-indulgence,” with this statement, “At this critical time for our country, with challenges at home and abroad, our party must focus on the people we serve and deliver for the country.

Patel’s Warning

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“Engaging in facile and divisive self indulgence only serves our opponents, it’s time to unite and get on with the job.”

Davis’s Echoing Sentiment

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Sir David Davis also said, “This is getting silly. The Party and the country are sick and tired of MPs putting their own leadership ambitions ahead of the UK’s best interests.”

Labour’s Focus on the Future

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Pat McFadden, Labour’s national campaign coordinator, said that while the Conservatives “fight among themselves, Labour will fight for a better future for the country.”

McFadden’s Critique

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“Labour will focus on serving the British people whilst the Tories form another circular firing squad,” followed by, “There are many good reasons for getting rid of this clapped-out Conservative government and liberating the British people from endless bouts of Tory infighting is certainly one of them.”

The Leadership Dilemma

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As more former MPs speak out against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s perceived lack of leadership, the question is, will more current MPs submit their votes of no confidence?

Opposition’s Opportunity

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In the meantime, opposition parties will soak up this opportunity to get their points across.

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