Trump Salutes “Patriots” of January 6th, Despite Criticism

The ongoing controversy surrounding the events of January 6th on Capitol Hill continues as Donald Trump calls participants “Unbelievable Patriots” and refers to jailed rioters as “hostages.” Trump Salutes Rioters At his recent rally held in Ohio, former United States President Donald Trump honoured those who participated in the events on January 6 by mentioning … Read more

‘A New Way for Female Justice’ – E Jean Carroll Victorious Over Trump’s Defamation Loss

E Jean Carroll’s defamation victory against Donald Trump marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice. Here’s the full story. Schadenfreude Sometimes, the English language needs a little help. Schadenfreude is a German word defined as taking pleasure in another person’s misfortune, and it was on display in spectacular fashion recently. E Jean Carroll, … Read more

Trump’s Legal Team: Presidential Immunity Should Always Be Granted, Even in Cases of Assassination

Trump’s lawyer suggested in court that a President “should” be given immunity in the hypothetical case that they were to have an opponent “assassinated.” Here’s the full story. Trump’s Appeal and Presidential Immunity Donald Trump’s legal team launched a bold defence on Tuesday, asserting that US presidents are immune from prosecution even in cases of … Read more

‘Wannabe Authoritarian’ – Biden Warns of Trump’s Threat to Democracy

President Joe Biden recently went on a Trump-fuelled rant during one of his speeches, calling the former President a “wannabe authoritarian” and declaring that America’s democracy was on the line. Biden’s Stern Warning on Democracy’s Future In an impassioned speech at Montgomery County Community College, President Joe Biden delivered a resolute critique of his likely … Read more

Transgender Transformation Revealed: A Journey From Struggle to Rediscovering Faith – Exclusive Interview with Candace Owens

In a candid hour-long interview with The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, 22-year-old Briana Ivy shared the heart-wrenching account of his experience with irreversible transgender treatments and surgeries, beginning in his teenage years. Early Signs of Dysphoria Briana Ivy, a biologically male individual, identified as transgender due to his early feelings of gender dysphoria.  Influenced by … Read more

Size Matters: Height Boosters for Ron DeSantis? Experts Share Insights

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has gone viral for wearing boots that seem to have an odd shape. Some shoe experts have suggested he is wearing height boosters. Is DeSantis Padding His Height? The Internet is abuzz this week with speculations about Ron DeSantis’s feet. In recent photos and videos, DeSantis can … Read more

Gun Rights vs. Family Safety – Concerns Over Second Amendment Protection and Potential Consequences

The Supreme Court is set to confront a significant test of the Second Amendment. Here’s the full story.  Guns for Domestic Abusers On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will embark on a pivotal examination of the Second Amendment, as it hears arguments regarding the federal law that forbids gun possession for individuals under domestic-violence restraining orders. … Read more

Trump Criticizes Attorney General Letitia James from the Witness Stand: ‘She Should Be Ashamed of Herself’

Donald Trump took the stand to testify in the civil fraud case brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump Continues to Attack New York Attorney General For what is far from the first time, Donald Trump has ruthlessly attacked Letitia James for her role in bringing him to court for fraud. … Read more