Whoopi Goldberg Debated Abortion With Republican Congresswoman on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg and her guest engage in a fierce discussion about abortion in America. Full story.  Be Our Guest Whoopi Goldberg helped welcome Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina, onto the set of The View recently. Differing Opinions Goldberg challenged Mace almost right away about her stance on abortion. Goldberg is pro-choice, … Read more

Matt Gaetz’s Political Storm: Allegations, Ethics Probes, and the Battle to Retain His Seat

Matt Gaetz grapples with allegations of sexual misconduct, campaign finance improprieties, and a dramatic battle to hold his congressional seat. All Eyes on Gaetz In the ever-turbulent world of American politics, few stories have captured the nation’s attention quite like the ongoing saga of Rep. Matt Gaetz.  Allegations Abound The Florida lawmaker finds himself at … Read more

Rudy Giuliani Suing President Biden for ‘Russia’ Comment He Made 3 Years Ago – Full Story

Rudy Giuliani is suing President Joe Biden for something that he said almost 3 years ago. Biden called Giuliani a “Russian pawn” during a Presidential debate, and it doesn’t sound like the former New York City mayor is over it. Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Legal Battle Rudy Giuliani has endured his fair share of legal battles … Read more

A Consummate Narcissist”: Revelations Emerge About Trump’s Comments on Fallen Soldiers and Amputees from Former Staff and Associates

Former White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, has made startling claims about former President Donald Trump’s alleged disrespectful remarks towards service members, military amputees and fallen soldiers.  The Chief of Staff Kelly served as Trump’s chief of staff from 2017 to 2019 and claims to have witnessed many of these events firsthand. He also … Read more

Ex-ESPN Anchor Sage Steele Explains Why Interviewing President Biden Was Heartbreaking

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele appeared on Bill Maher’s podcast recently and talked about why interviewing President Biden back in 2021 was so “heartbreaking” for her. The “Saddest” Interview of Sage Steele’s Career? Ex-ESPN anchor Sage Steele made an appearance on Bill Maher’s “Club Ransom” podcast recently. She spoke about the “saddest” interview she ever … Read more

Putin’s Old and Outdated Soviet Tanks Are Exposing Russia

Tank warfare has been a cornerstone of land combat for over a century, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has thrust this formidable military hardware into the spotlight. Remarkably, both sides in the conflict are employing aging Soviet-era tanks, exposing the legacy of these “c***** Russian armored vehicles” and their vulnerabilities. The Age-Old Tanks on … Read more