Transgender Transformation Revealed: A Journey From Struggle to Rediscovering Faith – Exclusive Interview with Candace Owens

In a candid hour-long interview with The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, 22-year-old Briana Ivy shared the heart-wrenching account of his experience with irreversible transgender treatments and surgeries, beginning in his teenage years.

Early Signs of Dysphoria

Briana Ivy, a biologically male individual, identified as transgender due to his early feelings of gender dysphoria. 

Influenced by cultural moments, including figures like Jazz Jennings, Ivy began to feel profoundly uncomfortable in his own body, eventually coming out to his parents at age 14.

A mere 30-minute discussion with a social worker led to Ivy’s swift progression through the medical transition process, including hormone blockers and additional hormones. 

By the age of 19, Ivy had already undergone two transgender surgical procedures, seeking to align his physical appearance with his gender identity.

The Painful “Bottom Surgery”:

Ivy shared the excruciating details of his “bottom surgery,” a procedure aimed at altering his genitalia to match his gender identity. The aftermath of the surgery brought searing pain and complications, with Ivy describing genitals that bore no resemblance to either male or female genitalia.

Ivy’s post-surgical recovery was marked by immense suffering, as he faced the agony of a catheter attached to a bag for a month and painful dilation exercises. 

Bleeding and relentless pain accompanied Ivy’s recovery, and he recounted the emotional turmoil he experienced.

Ivy was deeply disturbed by the clinical, almost experimental, attitude of the medical staff during his post-surgical hospital stay. 

Was This a Science Experiment?

Multiple medical professionals, including Dr. Joshua Roth, treated Ivy’s recovery as a learning experience, bringing in residents to observe his condition.

Ivy’s mental health deteriorated significantly during the process, partly due to the physical and emotional trauma he endured. He described how the traumatic surgeries and recovery compounded the pain and anguish he felt.

Ivy faced immense challenges when seeking legal recourse against the medical professionals responsible for his suffering. Legal action in such cases requires determining if the procedure was experimental, leaving Ivy in a legal and emotional quagmire.

Rediscovering Faith

Despite his harrowing experience, Ivy found solace in his spiritual journey, rediscovering God. 

The presence of God became a crucial aspect of Ivy’s healing process, helping him cope with the emotional and physical scars he bore.

Candace Owens acknowledged the influence of platforms like TikTok in guiding individuals toward irreversible decisions. The impact of social media on vulnerable individuals navigating complex decisions became a significant part of the discussion.

Candace Owens expressed her deep admiration and concern for Briana Ivy. She praised Ivy’s bravery and thanked him for sharing his intensely personal story, emphasizing the need for open dialogue and support for those experiencing similar challenges.

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