Transgender Marathon Runner Challenges Anti-Doping Policy

A trans and non-binary marathon runner has drawn attention to an excessive anti-doping policy that makes it more difficult for trans athletes to participate in US marathons. Here’s the story.  Unfair Treatment in Sports “I feel optimistic that change is possible” – When 27-year-old marathon runner Cal Calamia was contacted by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency … Read more

Victorious Transgender Swimmer Faces Lifetime Ban in Women’s Sports

A transgender swimmer has been surrounded by controversy after winning the NCAA and is now facing a ban. Here’s the story.  The Controversy Begins Lia Thomas, a talented swimmer, achieved national success after joining the women’s team at Yale University, USA. Before this, she competed on the men’s team for three years but ranked much … Read more

Transgender Women in Sports Spark Debate: Former Olympic Cyclist Expresses Concerns and Questions Sporting Authorities’ Policies

Former Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson recently discussed the controversial topic of transgender athletes in women’s sports on the ‘Gaines For Girls’ podcast. Let’s take a look. Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports In a recent episode of the ‘Gaines For Girls’ podcast, former Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson and host Riley Gaines dove deep into the contentious … Read more

Uncovering Widespread Fire Safety Issues in Grenfell Cladder’s Residential Blocks

Unveiling a disturbing and deadly reality, an analysis of government data exposes that over half of the residential blocks constructed by the company responsible for Grenfell Tower’s deadly cladding are plagued by “life-critical” fire safety issues. Here’s the full story. “Life Critical” Safety Issues Government figures recently analyzed by The Guardian newspaper reveal alarming statistics … Read more

Democratic Candidate Comments on Racial Inequity in Employment Opportunities

Democrat candidate Nadarius Clark’s claim that White individuals can secure high-paying jobs with relative ease compared to their Black counterparts has sparked a heated debate surrounding racial disparities in employment opportunities. Here’s the full story. The Podcast During an episode of his podcast, “Polititalk,” Clark, a closely watched candidate for the state legislature race in … Read more