Stop the Boats’ Slogan Sounds Hollow as 400 Migrants Cross the English Channel in One Day

Monday saw the highest number of migrants crossing the English Channel into the UK this year, raising concerns and criticisms from government opposition. 400 in One Day According to figures from the Home Office, more than 400 migrants successfully crossed the Channel by boat to reach the UK on Monday. 40,000 Under Sunak This sets … Read more

2024 Spring Budget: The Key Moves You Should Know

The British Chancellor has announced the 2024 Spring budget, with a combination of surprises and more predictable economic moves from the Conservative government.  Last Pre-Election Budget With the next UK general election hot on the nation’s heels, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has taken to the House of Commons to share the last budget scheduled before voters … Read more

Hungary Bars Teenagers from World Press Photo Exhibition Over LGBTQ Images – ‘Mind-Boggling That It’s Happening in Europe

The Hungarian government has banned under-18 visitors from the prestigious World Press Photo Exhibition in Budapest, over images with LGBTQ content.  Shocking and Mind-Boggling In a decision deemed “shocking,” and “mind-boggling” by the event director, Hungarian lawmakers have prohibited people under the age of 18 from visiting the World Press Photo Exhibition currently being held … Read more

Japan Rules Mandatory Sterilization for Trans People ‘Unconstitutional

The top court of Japan has ruled a mandatory sterilization law for transgender people ‘unconstitutional’ after 19 years. Law Change Imminent Japan’s Supreme Court has officially ended a 2004 legal clause requiring transgender people to undergo sterilization in order to legally change their gender from the one that matches their biological sex.  The law, which … Read more

Biden Affirms U.S. Commitment to Defend the Philippines in the Event of a Nuclear-Armed China Attack

After a collision between three ships from China and the Philippines in the South China Sea, President Biden has stated that the U.S. will fight on behalf of the Philippines if necessary. Willing to Defend “Any attack will invoke our mutual defense treaty with the Philippines.” – On Wednesday U.S. President Joe Biden declared that … Read more