Pizza Parties and Menopause Gift Bags Instead of Financial Reward for Workers

Avanti West Coast’s introduction of menopause support gift bags has ignited controversy, with unions and experts criticising the gesture as demeaning and calling for more comprehensive workplace support for menopausal women. Here’s the whole story. Employee Appreciation In recent years, many companies have tried to reach out to their employees with thinly veiled PR stunts … Read more

Starmer’s Sudden Shift: Calls for Permanent Ceasefire in Israel-Gaza Conflict


Labour leader Keir Starmer’s impassioned plea for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza sets the stage for a critical Commons vote amidst internal party divisions and mounting pressure from the SNP. Here’s the full story. Surprising Turnaround In a surprising turnaround, the Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer, has made a speech to the Scottish Labour conference … Read more

‘Investing in the Future’ – 12 of the Best Excuses for Buying Things We Don’t Need

Ah, the art of justification! When it comes to shopping, our minds can be incredibly creative, especially when rationalizing purchases we don’t necessarily need. From the allure of sales to the promise of self-improvement, here are 12 humorously relatable excuses we’ve all used to justify our more questionable shopping decisions. #1. The Self-Care Advocate “Self-care … Read more

Turmoil Within the Tory Ranks as Calls for Rishi Sunak’s Departure Grow Louder

Amid internal strife, some rebel Tory MPs are urging Chancellor Rishi Sunak to step down voluntarily now before he is pushed. Here’s the whole story.   Weak Leadership The Conservative Party does not take losing well, with any defeat often seen as a sign of weakness from leadership.  Crumbling Unity Throughout history, these moments of weakness … Read more

Starmer Edges Closer to Number 10 After ‘Fantastic’ Election Triumph

Labour’s recent by-election triumphs, hailed by Keir Starmer as ‘fantastic,’ underscore a seismic shift in voter trust and signal potential electoral gains, adding to the Conservative Party’s woes. Here’s the full story. Emerging Victorious Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has celebrated his recent by-election victories in Kingswood and Wellingborough. On The Verge Of Power The … Read more

500 Ofcom Complaints Received From Disgruntled Viewers of Sunak’s GB News Q&A

Rishi Sunak appeared on a special broadcast of GB News, taking over from Jacob Reese-Mogg’s segment, answering questions on the NHS and the Rwanda scheme. Ofcom have now revealed that hundreds of viewers sent in complaints and they are now investigating. Ofcom Investigates GB News Q&A Session TV regulator Ofcom has initiated an investigation into … Read more

‘The Brexit Era Is Over’ – EU Comes Knocking, Urging Leaders to Stand Together in Defense Treaty

Amidst escalating geopolitical tensions, calls resurface to urgently revisit Theresa May’s proposal for an EU-wide defence treaty, reigniting contentious Brexit debates and prompting renewed scrutiny in Brussels. Here’s the whole story. Brexit Benefits Since leaving the EU, the UK has thrown away a number of the benefits that came with being part of the world’s … Read more