Leaked Conversation Alleges British Soldiers ARE ‘On the Ground’ in Ukraine Conflict

A leaked conversation has revealed the alleged involvement of British soldiers in the Ukraine conflict, sparking diplomatic tensions and raising questions about Western military support. Here’s the full story. Fog of War In modern warfare, it can be difficult to tell what is true and what is not, with each side leveraging information to confuse … Read more

Soon Forgotten: Government Slashes Funding for Covid Programme, Sparking Concerns

Government funding cuts for the groundbreaking UK Recovery programme, despite its global acclaim for revolutionising COVID-19 treatment, prompt concerns over the nation’s scientific readiness and international standing in clinical research. Here’s the full story. One Crisis to Another  The UK Government hasn’t managed to do many good things recently, lumbering as it has from one … Read more

“Unprofitable” – Extreme Weather Threatens UK Food Supply and Rockets Prices

Unprecedented rainfall and global weather extremes threaten the UK’s food security, sparking shortages and price spikes as farmers struggle to cope with climate-induced disruptions. Here’s the full story.  Terrible Weather The United Kingdom has long been famous for its terrible weather, but as the climate catastrophe continues apace, with little to nothing being done to … Read more

No.10 Blasts ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protestors as TV Presenter Defends Activists’ Rights

In an exchange as baffling as unexpected, Downing Street has criticized BBC presenter Chris Packham’s defense of Just Stop Oil protests, showcasing the widening gulf between environmental activists and the Government. Here’s the whole story. War Against Protest The Government’s recent war on the right to peacefully protest has taken yet another strange turn recently.  … Read more

Betrayed: Poll Reveals Brexit and Partygate Fuelled Public Bitterness Towards UK Politics

A recent survey unveils Brexit, Partygate, and historical scandals as key factors driving disillusionment in UK democracy, sparking calls for urgent reform. Here’s the full story. Political Upheaval Following what seems like years of political upheaval in the UK, a recent survey conducted by Savanta has revealed just how badly the British public views their … Read more

Breaching Broadcasting Rules: Ofcom Condemns GB News Show

Ofcom condemns GB News show for breaching broadcasting rules after Laurence Fox’s sexist remarks prompt widespread backlash, highlighting broader concerns about editorial control at the right-wing news channel. Here’s the full story.  Rocky Start The hedge fund-owned GB News channel got off to a rocky start when it launched but has now grown and metastasized … Read more

“Criminalized” – Suella Braverman Warns About Teaching Children Gender Ideology

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s warning about potential criminalization following a ban on conversion therapy has raised controversy and concerns from those seeking equality for LGBTQ+ individuals. Here’s the full story.  Conversion Criminalization  Disgraced former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who was ousted after suggesting that police should crack down harder on anti-war protesters, has once … Read more

UK Protestors Persist Despite PM’s ‘Extremist’ Warnings

Protests in support of Palestine persist following the Prime Minister’s speech on “extremist disruption”, with organizers calling for peaceful demonstrations amid heightened tensions. Here’s the full story. Ongoing Protests  As tensions surrounding the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict continue to rise, pro-Palestine demonstrations are set to continue across the UK this weekend.  “Extremists” Some of the protests … Read more