It’s Over: Sunak’s Cheerful Stance Contradicted by Grim Tory Forecasts

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s steadfast optimism about a Conservative victory clashes starkly with his allies’ candid admissions that a Labour landslide seems inevitable at this late stage in the campaign. Here’s the full story.

Rapidly Sinking Campaign

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As the general election looms, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appears to be desperately attempting to plug the many holes in the rapidly sinking Conservative campaign.

Increasing Scepticism

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The Prime Minister has faced increasing scepticism from his party over claims that the election was still up for grabs, even as crucial allies admitted that victory is unlikely.

Dismal Polling Numbers

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Despite dismal polling numbers, a campaign that started wet before rapidly drowning, and the recent admission of a former Tory donor that he will be voting for Labour, Sunak has attempted to project an image of confidence and determination.

Conservative Win Impossible

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Contrary to Sunak’s delusionally upbeat campaign rhetoric, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has openly conceded that a Conservative win seems impossible.

“Possible to Win”

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In an interview with Times Radio, Shapps admitted that, though he believed it was still “possible to win the election,” he did not think it was the “most likely outcome.”

“I Live in the Real World”

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When asked point blank if a Conservative victory was unlikely, Shapps replied, “I think that’s the realistic position, isn’t it? I mean, I live in the real world. So, you know, let’s not try and pretend black is white.”

Growing Fatalism

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This candid admission highlights a growing sense of fatalistic realism among Tory ranks about their chances in the upcoming election.

Election Far from Decided

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However, undeterred by Shapps’ admission of defeat, Sunak insisted that the election was far from decided and that there was still time to sway voters.

Fighting for Every Vote

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Sunak stated, “There’s still two-and-a-half weeks to go in this election, I’m fighting hard for every vote because I believe we can win.”

Understanding Voter Frustrations

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When asked by reporters if Sunak understood why voters were rapidly turning their backs on his party, Sunak replied, “Of course I understand people’s frustrations with that – I mean that’s undeniable, and I’ve been very clear that we have made progress, but there is more to go.”

On the Right Track

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He added, “But the point now is we are on the right track and this election is about the future.”

Labour’s Substantial Lead

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Despite the Prime Minister’s sunny disposition, polling data consistently shows Labour holding a substantial lead over the Conservatives, with averages indicating a 20-point advantage.

Potential Landslide Victory

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This margin suggests a potential landslide victory for Labour, reminiscent of Tony Blair’s historic win in 1997.

Profound Disillusionment

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The polls highlight Labour’s dominance and underscore the profound disillusionment with the Conservative Party after over a decade in power.

Complications from Farage

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As if Sunak’s problems were not severe enough, the resurgence of Nigel Farage and Reform UK further complicates matters for the Conservatives.

Aggressive Campaign

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Farage has launched an aggressive campaign, positioning his party as the genuine opposition to a Labour government.

Splitting the Right-Wing Vote

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As his party continues to split the right-wing vote, Farage has argued that a vote for Reform would ensure Labour is held accountable, as the Conservatives “spend most of their days arguing among themselves, and they’re split down the middle when it comes to policy.”

Desperate Personal Attacks

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In a possibly unconscious admission that the ship he is captaining is undoubtedly sinking, Sunak has resorted to personal attacks on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in an attempt to sway undecided voters.

Starmer’s Lack of Convictions

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Sunak stated, “What I’d say is Keir Starmer is someone who clearly doesn’t have the courage of his convictions. I think it’s hard to do this job well if you don’t have convictions… and if you don’t have the courage of your convictions.”

Attacks on Starmer’s Record

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Sunak has attempted to attack Starmer on, of all things, his record as a human rights lawyer, as well as his support for a second Brexit referendum.

Starmer Unperturbed

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However, Starmer seemed unperturbed by Sunak’s personal attacks, saying of the Conservatives, “If they had a record to stand on, they would go into the final two weeks saying these are the brilliant things we’ve done but they haven’t got a record to stand on and if they said they’d done brilliantly people would laugh at them.”

“This Is Desperate”

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He added, “This is desperate.”

Moment of Reckoning

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As the election draws ever closer, the Conservative Party faces a moment of reckoning that many Tories could not have imagined in their most fevered nightmares.

Deep Party Divisions

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The combination of Sunak’s unwavering optimism and the blunt realism of his allies highlights the deep divisions within the party, which will only grow following what is widely expected to be a historic defeat.

Leadership Tested

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With Labour poised for a decisive victory and Reform UK chipping away at their base, Sunak’s leadership is being sorely tested as he attempts to navigate the final stages of this election.

Inevitable Defeat?

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However, it remains to be seen if his optimism will be enough to avert what many see as an inevitable defeat.

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