Scotland’s Polls Tighten Amid SNP’s Push for Revolutionary Reforms

The SNP has launched their manifesto advocating for an end to austerity, scrapping the two-child benefit cap, substantial NHS funding increases, and renewed calls for Scottish independence amidst tightening poll numbers in Scotland. Here’s the full story.

Manifesto for Progressive Change

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The Scottish National Party (SNP), under the helm of new First Minister John Swinney, launched their manifesto on a wide-ranging platform promising progressive change.

Exciting Political Times

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The launch comes at an exciting time for politics north of the border, with the previously dominant SNP down significantly in the polls.

Labour Lead Narrows

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However, there are signs that the SNP manifesto’s unapologetically progressive offering has caused Labour’s lead over the SNP to narrow significantly.

Two-Child Benefit Cap

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The SNP has vociferously advocated for the removal of the two-child benefit cap, a policy they argue disproportionately harms low-income families.

“Lift the Cap”

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Speaking at the manifesto launch in Edinburgh, Swinney called for a reevaluation of how taxpayers’ money is spent by the government, stating, “Lift the two-child cap, not the cap on bankers’ bonuses.”

Boosting the NHS

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A central theme of the SNP’s manifesto is bolstering the National Health Service (NHS). The party has committed to securing an additional £16 billion annually for NHS England, which would provide an additional £1.6 billion for NHS Scotland.

NHS in Public Hands

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Swinney also promised that the SNP would introduce a bill to “keep the NHS in public hands,” which he claimed would act as “a legal guarantee for a publicly owned, publicly operated health service.”

“NHS Not for Sale”

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Borrowing a line previously used by Labour, which was conspicuously absent in the Labour manifesto, Swinney added, “The SNP message on the health services is clear, it is simple, and it will never change: The NHS is not for sale.”

Independence Commitment

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Scottish independence remains a cornerstone of the SNP’s agenda despite other manifesto commitments. Swinney reiterated that the 2021 Holyrood elections granted the SNP a democratic mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Independence Uncertain

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Swinney repeatedly refused to be drawn on whether independence would remain a cornerstone of the SNP agenda if it failed to gain a majority of seats in Scotland.

Case for Independence

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However, he reiterated his case for independence: “Not independence for its own sake. Independence for the powers to protect our NHS and to help people through tough times, independence for a stronger economy, and happier, healthier lives, and independence for a better future for Scotland – made in Scotland – for Scotland.”

Pledges to the Left

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The SNP’s manifesto contained several other pledges considerably to the left of Labour and even some of the Liberal Democrats’ progressive policies.

Rejoin EU, Immigration Policy

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The document outlined policies such as the SNP’s desire to rejoin the EU, advocating for devolved powers to create a tailored immigration policy for Scotland, and scrapping the UK government’s controversial and illegal Rwanda policy.

Opposition to Zero-Hours

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It also included opposition to zero-hours contracts alongside fire and rehire practices, decriminalising drugs for personal use and calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Poll Sentiments Shift

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The manifesto launch comes at a time of fluctuating political sentiment in Scotland. A recent YouGov poll conducted between June 3 and June 7 shows Labour’s lead over the SNP has shrunk to four points, with 34% of decided voters supporting Labour and 30% backing the SNP.

Labour’s Lead Drops

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This represents a significant change from the previous month, where Labour held a 10-point lead.

Voter Allegiances Shift

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The poll also highlighted shifting voter allegiances. Notably, more than a third of voters who supported the SNP in 2019 indicated they would choose a different party in upcoming elections.

Labour Gains Support

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Labour appears to be the primary beneficiary of this shift, with 24% of former SNP voters backing Labour.

Minor Gains for Tories

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The Scottish Tories and Reform UK have seen minor increases in support, while the Scottish Greens experienced a slight decline.

Independence Still Divisive

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Support for Scottish independence remains a divisive issue. The YouGov poll revealed that 53% of decided voters would oppose independence, a slight decrease from previous figures.

Growing Independence Support

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Meanwhile, support for independence increased to 47%, reflecting a persistent and growing desire among nearly half of the electorate for Scotland to govern itself.

Commitment to Justice

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The SNP’s manifesto launch underscores the party’s commitment to social justice, robust public services, and the pursuit of independence.

Progressive, Sovereign Goals

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With policies aimed at protecting vulnerable populations, investing in healthcare, and advocating for Scottish sovereignty, the SNP seeks to put some distance between themselves and Labour, attacking the party from the left.

Manifesto’s Impact Unclear

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The narrowing lead of Labour in recent polls indicates that this policy may be working, though the SNP have fallen far from their previously unassailable heights.

Voter Decisions Pending

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However, whether the SNP’s manifesto will be enough to change the minds of wavering Scottish voters remains to be seen.

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