Labour Are Listening to Voters and It Could Win Them the Election

In the run-up to the general election, attention has turned to the various parties’ manifestos. What is the big message to take from them all? Labour is listening.

Polling Informs Parties

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Unlike historical elections, parties now have access to vast amounts of information. They can do their research and collect input from polling companies. 

Policy Decisions Based on Data

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This detailed information allows parties to make policy decisions on what matters to the electorate. 

Politics Can’t Be Purely Agenda Driven

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If you want to win an election, you can’t be driven by a single agenda. Life is rarely a single-issue thing, and governments have to reflect that.

Govern by Needs, Not Wants

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The difference between the main parties’ manifestos is reflected in how well they match the issues facing everyday people. 

Conservative Policy – Help the Aged

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The headline policies of the Tories include national service for 18-year-olds, protecting pensions and finally starting the Rwanda scheme. 

Reform UK – Immigration and Fantasy

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The manifesto from Reform UK has been pulled apart and criticised for its lack of accounting accuracy. Outside of culture wars and immigration, they’re very light on detail. 

Labour Are Listening

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What’s clear is the only party addressing the issues that matter to most people is Labour. They’re leading on economic growth, green energy production, and supporting the NHS.

What Matters to the Public?

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A YouGov poll says that the top 5 issues that matter to the public (in order of importance) are the economy, the NHS, immigration, housing and the environment.

Tories and Reform UK Address One of Them

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Both parties have focused attention on immigration. The Tories keep flogging the Rwanda scheme, which in two years has yet to see a single immigrant deported. 

Reform UK Go Further

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The immigration solution from Reform UK is to pick up asylum seekers in a boat and then sail them back to France. It sounds like a policy thought up in a local pub. It just wouldn’t work in international law. 

Neither Party Address Other Concerns

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Worryingly, neither party has a credible solution for the other issues. In fact, after 14 years of rule, you could argue that the Tories have caused the problems, never mind, and have the answers to them.

Tories Inventing Issues

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Looking at the polls, only 6% of people consider pensions a critical issue, yet the Tories are making them a headline policy. National Service for 18-year-olds is not even featured as an issue, yet it’s also a headline policy!

Reform UK Ignoring Climate Change

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One of their manifesto pledges is to “scrap net zero and related subsidies”. They say this despite the environment being the 5th most important issue to voters. 

Labour Are Listening

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The Labour manifesto addresses the concerns of the public. They’re leading their election campaign with a promise to grow the economy. They’re also promising recruitment for the NHS and the creation of a world-class domestic renewable energy sector.

Cost of Living Addressed 

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Domestic energy production would reduce and stabilise bills, helping to lower the cost of living. It removes exposure to global energy markets and their fluctuating prices.

Specific Taxes Raised

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Labour has funded these promises in their manifesto by adding VAT on public school fees, closing tax loopholes for the super-rich and placing windfall taxes on energy companies. 

Spending Is Different to Investing

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There’s also the issue of spending vs investing. Using government money to invest in infrastructure projects pays back in the long term. Building houses or energy infrastructure is different from one-off vanity projects. 

Reform UK Winning on Single Issue

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When it comes to single-issue voters, Reform UK will do well. This is because many people are angry about immigration and’ll believe the outlandish promises Reform UK makes on the matter.

Governing Different to Opposition

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When you run a country, you can’t focus on one issue. Everything matters, and the Labour manifesto suggests it’s a party who is listening to the public. 

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