Trump Axes Jobs in the RNC In Order to Cut Out Bureaucracy

Days after securing his spot as the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump is taking an axe to the Republican National Committee (RNC) staffing levels in an effort to cut out what one staffer called “bureaucracy.” Immediate Action by New RNC Leadership New chair Michael Whatley and co-chair Lara Trump (Trump’s daughter-in-law) wasted no … Read more

Republican Resigns From GOP With Some Strong Words

The words of long-time Trump critic Republican Ken Buck after mic-dropping his resignation from Congress to an oblivious Republican House. Here are the full details. Surprise Departure In a statement on Tuesday morning from his office, Buck announced he was leaving Congress “at the end of next week,” narrowing the already slim Republican majority to … Read more

Healthcare Costs Putting a Strain on Your Finances? Even Insured Americans Feel the Pinch!

In the land of plenty, a startling truth is emerging: paying for healthcare has become an uphill battle for many working-age Americans, even those with insurance. A recent report from the Commonwealth Fund sheds light on this growing concern. Alarming Healthcare Affordability Crisis According to a recent survey by the Commonwealth Fund, a staggering 51% … Read more

Transgender Women in Sports Spark Debate: Former Olympic Cyclist Expresses Concerns and Questions Sporting Authorities’ Policies

Former Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson recently discussed the controversial topic of transgender athletes in women’s sports on the ‘Gaines For Girls’ podcast. Let’s take a look. Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports In a recent episode of the ‘Gaines For Girls’ podcast, former Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson and host Riley Gaines dove deep into the contentious … Read more