Archbishop of York: ‘Our Father Is Problematic’ for Gender and Patriarchal Oppression

The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, has ignited a debate within the Church of England by describing the Lord’s Prayer as “problematic” due to its “oppressively patriarchal” reference to “Our Father.” Here’s the full story. The Concern Cottrell shared concern during a meeting of the Church’s ruling body, the General Synod, highlighting the need for … Read more

Protests Erupt as Chicago Officials Plan Migrant Camp in Local Neighborhood: Residents Express Outrage

A recent meeting in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood increased into a heated debate as residents protested a city plan to build a camp capable of housing over 2,000 migrants. Here’s what happened. The Controversial Plan City officials in Chicago recently announced their intention to construct a migrant camp on a 10-acre vacant lot situated at … Read more

Bill Barr Questions Trump’s Verbal Skills: ‘Is He Losing It?’ and Claims Uncertainty About What He’s Saying

Former Attorney General Bill Barr recently shared his thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s vocabulary and mannerisms. Here’s what he said. The Interview On Thursday, October 26, speaking at an event for Harvard’s Institute of Politics, Barr engaged in a conversation with CBS Chief Correspondent Jan Crawford. Their discussion was sparked by a recent comment … Read more

Republican Raises Concerns About Bible Ban in U.S. During Hearing on Banned Books

In a recent House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education hearing, Representative Burgess Owens made a startling claim that the Bible has been banned in the United States since 1963. Here’s the full story. A Controversial Claim Owens cited the 1963 Supreme Court ruling in Abington School District v. Schempp, which declared school-sponsored … Read more

Courageous Young Transgender Advocate Challenges North Carolina’s Healthcare Policy in Landmark Legal Case

The family of a nine-year-old Trans boy has taken a stand against North Carolina’s recent ban on gender-affirming care. Here’s the full story. The Lawsuit The family contends that the ban not only violates constitutional rights but also endangers the well-being of transgender adolescents across the state. The Argument The lawsuit argues that by allowing … Read more

Controversy Surrounds BBC’s Inclusion of Transgender Woman in 100 Women List

The BBC’s annual 100 Women list for 2023 has stirred significant controversy following the inclusion of transgender activist and law student Rukshana Kapali from Nepal. Here’s the full story.  Transgender Human Rights Activist Amidst a diverse array of notable figures such as Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney, Kapali was recognized by the BBC as a … Read more

NHS Hospitals Facing Criticism Over Newborn Gender Identity Documentation Practices

In a startling revelation, some leading NHS hospitals have been caught recording newborns’ “gender identity” instead of their biological sex upon discharge. Here’s the full story. New IT Systems Leading NHS hospitals, including Guy’s and Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College Hospital, have come under scrutiny for adopting a new IT system that records newborns’ “gender … Read more

Sunak Clarifies His Stance on British Soldiers in Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently clarified the nation’s stance on sending troops to Ukraine to fight with the Russian army. Here’s the whole story. This announcement comes in the wake of comments made by the UK’s recently appointed Defense Minister, Grant Shapps, who suggested sending troops to Ukraine for training purposes. Since Russia invaded Ukraine … Read more

Womb Transplants: A Medical Miracle Becomes Reality in the UK

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, the United Kingdom has witnessed its first successful womb transplant surgery. Here’s the full story. A Triumphant Feat Surgeons in the UK announced a triumphant feat—the successful transplantation of a womb into a woman who was born without one. The organ was generously donated by her sister, creating the possibility … Read more