Transgender Recognized in BBC 100 Women List Sparking Controversy

The BBC’s annual 100 Women list for 2023 has stirred significant controversy following the inclusion of transgender activist and law student Rukshana Kapali from Nepal. Here’s the full story. 

Transgender Human Rights Activist

Amidst a diverse array of notable figures such as Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney, Kapali was recognized by the BBC as a “housing campaigner” and “transgender human rights activist.” Her advocacy work centered on LGBTQ+ rights and challenging the forced evictions of historically marginalized communities, notably the Jugi caste within the Newa ethnicity in Nepal.

However, the decision faced severe criticism from certain quarters. Critics expressed their discontent, arguing that including a transgender woman on a list intended to highlight women’s achievements was unfair and demeaning to biological women. Some shared that this act delegitimized the purpose of the list and questioned the need to feature a transgender individual among influential women.

A Historically Marginalized Caste

The third-year law student was active in promoting “legal and constitutional rights for LGBTQ+ people in Nepal,” the BBC List read. “Kapali comes from a historically marginalized caste within the Newa ethnicity, the Jugi, and fights against forced evictions of Jugi people from their traditional homes,” it added.

Speaking to local media, Kapali said, “Since my story started appearing in the media, it has had a positive effect on me, my family and myself. People have destroyed the way they looked at me and people like me. I think the BBC’s list will help break down such negatives.”

Advocates’ Views  

However, supporters shared the importance of acknowledging diverse experiences and contributions to foster a more inclusive society. These objections are not new to the BBC’s 100 Women list. Similar controversies arose in the previous year’s list, which featured transgender activists Erika Hilton and Efrat Tilma. Notably, the 2019 list included a transgender activist who identifies as non-binary. The ongoing inclusion of transgender individuals in such lists has consistently sparked divisions and debates, even among the BBC’s own journalists.

The BBC also found itself embroiled in controversy earlier this year when it opened a training course, initially meant for female production staff, to individuals identifying as women.

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