Protests Erupt as Chicago Officials Plan Migrant Camp in Local Neighborhood: Residents Express Outrage

A recent meeting in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood increased into a heated debate as residents protested a city plan to build a camp capable of housing over 2,000 migrants. Here’s what happened.

The Controversial Plan

City officials in Chicago recently announced their intention to construct a migrant camp on a 10-acre vacant lot situated at 38th and California.

This move is a response to the growing crisis of migrants arriving in the city, many of whom have resorted to sleeping outdoors, including at O’Hare International Airport and within police district stations.

A statement from the mayor’s office read, “The site at 38th and California appears viable, and the intention is to construct a temporary shelter at this site.”

However, the plan was not well-received by all residents.

At a meeting held on Tuesday, one Chicago resident voiced the frustration of many, and said, “Nobody asked us, nobody told us. We have a few thousand people here who signed their signature and said ‘no!’ We said ‘no!'”

Another community member expressed concerns about the safety of local students and children who walk along the streets daily.

Residents Were Calling the Office

However, some local officials only learned about the plan after residents began making phone calls.

Ald. Julia Ramirez said, “Residents were calling our office, and, frankly, that’s how I was first notified. I had reached out to the city, and they verified that was the case, and ever since then, I’ve been pushing the administration to be more open, more transparent about the details.”

Ramirez went on to express her disappointment with the mayor’s office, saying, “The Mayor’s office did not consult with me or my office about their current plans to construct a temporary shelter — meant to house 1,500 people — at 38th and California.”

While some residents opposed the proposed migrant camp, others were encouraging better housing solutions for both migrants and homeless individuals.

One resident said, “I don’t want any of my neighbors to have to live on the streets or in tents.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “This angers me so very much!

There are young soldiers with families who are on food stamps because they are not paid enough by the government to support their families. This is disgusting.”


Another user added, “My father is a veteran (Ret. Vietnam vet). He never got free rent (9k monthly), free healthcare, free meals, free phones, etc. Disgraceful.”

A third user commented, “This is a total shame. These people need to be fighting for the homeless legal citizens of Chicago who agree that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should have their property taxes, employment taxes, and utility taxes raised immediately to help take care of them.”

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