‘Absurd’ – NHS Hospitals Criticized Over Newborn Gender-Identity Policies

In a startling revelation, some leading NHS hospitals have been caught recording newborns’ “gender identity” instead of their biological sex upon discharge. Here’s the full story.

New IT Systems

Leading NHS hospitals, including Guy’s and Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College Hospital, have come under scrutiny for adopting a new IT system that records newborns’ “gender identity” instead of their biological sex. This shift in documentation has sparked a debate, with women’s rights advocates expressing concerns about transgender activism within the NHS.

Traditional Recording vs. Controversial Change

Traditionally, hospitals recorded babies’ biological sex in discharge summaries for vital health information and comprehensive records. However, the introduction of the EPIC computer system in London teaching hospitals led to midwives recording “gender identity” instead of sex.

The NHS plans to implement this system in more trusts, with an estimated cost of £450 million over 15 years. A whistleblower midwife expressed concerns about associating newborns with gender identity concepts.

System Implementation

Controversy arose, prompting NHS authorities to cite a “system error” and revert to recording a baby’s sex.

Criticisms were also raised regarding the broader trend within NHS institutions, where language changes such as substituting ‘mother’ with ‘birthing parent’ and ‘breastfeeding’ with ‘chest-feeding’ have been encouraged, fostering a climate of unease among some healthcare professionals.

Maya Forstater from Sex Matters criticized the registration of babies by gender identity. Forstater said, “London hospitals registering babies by their gender identity is absurd and chilling, and a clear indicator of the extent to which trans activism has taken over the NHS.” While, Professor Jenny Gamble from Coventry University denounced the notion of assigning gender identity to newborns, sharing that while it might hold relevance later in life, it should not overshadow the significance of biological sex.

Swift Amendment

Acknowledging the situation, a spokesperson for the hospitals expressed gratitude to The Mail on Sunday for highlighting the “unfortunate language” embedded in the new system and assured rectification, apologizing for any confusion caused. They affirmed a swift amendment to use “sex” instead of “gender identity” in the newborn hospital discharge summary.

This development follows previous controversies within the NHS involving the removal of “women” from menopause and disease guides, eliciting government promises to curb such “woke” terminology to protect women’s services.

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