Back to Reality: 21 Routes Back to Common Sense Politics

In an age of polarised debates and complex challenges, here’s a roadmap back to a common-sense approach in UK politics: 1. Transparent Political Funding Transparency in political funding can prevent hidden agendas and ensure politicians are accountable not just to donors but to the electorate. 2. Simplified Legislation Simplify legislation so that laws are clear, … Read more

20 Unexpectedly Devastating Brexit Realities

Brexit has reshaped the UK in ways many didn’t anticipate or choose to ignore. Here’s a candid look at the less-discussed but significant impacts of this monumental decision. 1. Loss of Free Movement Brexit has stripped UK citizens of the right to live, work, and retire freely across 27 EU countries. The convenience and cultural … Read more

18 Worrying Possibilities for the UK If Trump Wins

What could a second Trump presidency mean for the UK? From trade to transatlantic relations, the impacts could be profound and sometimes unpredictable. 1. Strained US-UK Relations A Trump victory could strain the special relationship, especially if UK policies diverge from US interests. Expect more public disagreements and diplomatic tensions. 2. Volatile Trade Negotiations Trade … Read more

26 Stupid Things Brits Say to Each Other

The British have a knack for understatement, over-politeness, and a curious obsession with the weather. Here’s a look at some of the daft things we often say to each other, encapsulating everything from the mundane meteorological observations to the delightfully droll dialogues of daily British life. 1. “It’s Nice Out, Isn’t It?” Even when it’s … Read more

Meet the New LGBTQ MPs: Fresh Faces in Parliament

The recent election has brought a wave of new LGBT MPs to Parliament, each bringing their unique backgrounds and perspectives. Who are these new representatives, and what do they bring to the table? 1. Damien Egan – Kingswood Damien Egan, formerly a prominent local council leader, now represents Kingswood. His experience in local government and … Read more