Gender-Pronouns: 15 Ways to Avoid Misidentifying

Understanding pronouns is essential in today’s diverse and inclusive environment. Pronouns go beyond our names and are integral to how we express our identities. They are key in showing respect for each other’s unique identities. Here are 15 crucial facts to help you stay informed and respectful in your interactions. 1. Pronouns Express Identity Pronouns … Read more

Least Safe Countries For LGBTQ Rights in the World

In an alarming number of countries, being LGBTQ can mean risking imprisonment, torture, or even death. This stark reality highlights the extreme dangers faced by LGBTQ individuals in certain parts of the world. Here are 16 countries where simply being yourself is a punishable offense, underscoring a global human rights crisis. 1. Nigeria Nigeria enforces … Read more

Am I Bisexual? 18 Signs You Might Be

Exploring your sexuality can be a journey full of discoveries, questions, and exciting revelations. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about your attraction to more than one gender, you might be bisexual. Here are 18 signs that could suggest bisexuality is a part of your colourful spectrum. 1. You Appreciate Beauty in All You find … Read more

What Is a Man? 21 Ways Men Are Struggling With Evolving Gender-Identity

In a rapidly changing social landscape, gender disparity affects not only women but also men in various ways. Here are 21 struggles men face amidst gender inequality. 1. Workplace Expectations Men often feel pressured to conform to traditional masculine roles in the workplace, hindering their ability to express emotions or seek work-life balance. 2. Mental … Read more

18 Reasons Over-40s Become More Right-Wing

As the years stack up like unpaid bills, so does the gravitational pull towards conservative politics. Welcome to the not-so-midlife crisis club, where rebellion takes a backseat to radio talk shows blaring a more right-wing tune. But why does the compass of political allegiance often swing rightward as hairlines recede and waistlines expand?  1. The … Read more