21 Ways to Spot If You’re Being Gaslighted

Spotting a narcissist can be a challenging task, as these people often mask their self-centered behavior with charm. Understanding the signs, such as a constant need for admiration, lack of empathy, and exaggerated sense of self-importance, can help in identifying this personality disorder, empowering you to navigate relationships more effectively.

#1. Personal Gain

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Narcissists view people as tools to get money, fame, sympathy, and more, never valuing genuine relationships.

They are always scanning for what they can get more of with the people around them.

#2. They Feel Extremely Entitled

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Your time, attention, and resources are theirs for the taking while offering little in return.

Narcissists feel like they are always in the right. They feel smarter and superior to you.

#3. They Complain Endlessly

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Narcissists place high expectations on themselves and others to be perfect, leaving those around them unhappy most of the time.

#4. They Devalue Your Self-Worth

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Your self-worth is downplayed by a narcissist, making you feel dependent on their recognition. Ever come across someone who seemed charming at first, only to later find yourself entangled in a web of manipulation and self-doubt?

Well, that’s a narcissist!

#5. Their Words and Actions Will Be Contrasting

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Focus on what they do, not just what they say.

Narcissists say one thing to your face and do the exact opposite.

#6. They Are Hypercritical of You and Everyone Around Them

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While narcissists can dish out harsh criticism, they can’t bear even the slightest hint of it themselves.

They cannot take even well-meaning, constructive feedback, of any kind.

#7. They Put Their Needs Above Everyone Else’s

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A narcissist will put their desires and needs always over anyone else’s.

Do not expect the narcissist to consider your wishes or needs.

#8. They Call You Overreacting

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They devalue your emotions, labeling them as invalid while dismissing any reaction you have as an overreaction.

#9. They Love You More Than Anything

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Love bombing is their trick to manipulate you, showering affection after causing turmoil to keep you entangled.

#10. They Have Trust Issues

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Rather than acknowledging your feelings, narcissists gaslight you, making you feel alone and insecure.

#11. They Are Highly Competitive

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They experience pathological jealousy and may resort to hidden bullying to assert their superiority.

#12. They Always Take It the Wrong Way

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Refusing to acknowledge their own lack of clarity, they seek sympathy while disrespecting you.

#13. They Can’t Just Let It Go

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Expecting you to tolerate their behavior, they downplay your feelings, making them seem insignificant.

#14. If You Do That, I Will Not Like You Anymore

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Their attempt to control and manipulate you hinges on your emotions and their approval.

#15. They Ignore Boundaries

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Setting boundaries leads to anger and defiance, as they refuse to respect your limits.

#16. They Make You Feel Alone

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Their constant need for attention leaves you feeling neglected and emotionally drained.

#17. They Exploit Others 

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Narcissists exploit others by charming them to gain admiration and support, devaluing or discarding them once they no longer serve their purpose, and engaging in manipulative tactics to control and extract resources or emotional gratification for their own benefit.

#18. They Are Hypersensitive

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Narcissists can’t handle even the slightest critique, leading to extreme reactions like rage or depression.

They may think you hold them back because you want to be recognized, too.

#19. They Demand Special Favors and Compliance

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They expect preferential treatment and react aggressively if their wishes are not met.

Narcissists will never consider that they might have asked too much, but that other people don’t understand their value.

#20. They Fear Ridicule, Rejection, or Being Wrong

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Narcissists project their anxieties onto loved ones, accusing them of being unsupportive or negative.

#21. They Lack Guilt and Bury Insecurities

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The belief that they are always right prevents them from feeling genuine guilt and compels them to hide insecurities.

So, enough signs to spot one?

Narcissists think that everything belongs to them and everyone feels and thinks the same as they do.

A narcissist is an individual with an inflated sense of self-importance, seeking constant admiration and validation from others.

They lack empathy, exploit and manipulate people for personal gain, often devaluing or discarding them when no longer useful. Their behavior stems from deep-seated insecurity and a need for constant validation.

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