“Russia Will Be Free” – Russians Who Attended Funeral for Putin’s Opponent Stand Strong

Thousands of Russians gathered to honour Alexei Navalny, a leading opposition figure who died under controversial circumstances, with many viewing the Kremlin as responsible for his demise. The event, marked by chants against President Putin and in support of democratic freedoms, showcased a significant public demonstration of dissent despite the government’s crackdown on opposition activities. … Read more

“Women’s Rights are Not in Conflict With Trans Rights” – Angela Rayner Stands by Comments Towards Feminist ‘Hate Groups’

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner, has refused to apologize after endorsing trans rights that labelled organizations like Women’s Place UK and the LGB Alliance as “trans-exclusionist hate groups.”  Rayner’s Record Angela Rayner is a prominent British politician serving as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party since April 2020 and has been … Read more

The Fight for Free Speech: JK Rowling vs. Scotland’s Hate Crime Law

JK Rowling has publicly critiqued Scotland’s new Hate Crime and Public Order Act on social media, sparking debates over free speech and the legislation’s approach to protected characteristics. Becoming Controversial JK Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series and since the conclusion of the books, has become a controversial figure due to her … Read more

‘Gesture Eggs’ Spark Backlash Among Christians

Angry Christians are accusing Cadbury Chocolate of attempting “Christian Erasure” after a store marketed Cadbury Easter Eggs as “gesture eggs.” New Promotions An independently run discount store in Spalding, Lincolnshire, created a new promotional campaign that has backfired and dragged Cadbury Chocolate into a controversy against angry Christians. Gesture Eggs The new promotional campaign took … Read more

Teammates Quit Team in Protest at Transgender Player Winning Both Mixed and Women’s Tournament

Noa-Lynn van Leuven, a transgender darts player, recently won in both mixed-gender and women-only professional darts tournaments. However, she had little time to celebrate when two teammates quit because they didn’t want to play with her.  Winning the PDC Noa-Lynn van Leuven, a transgender darts player, has recently sparked controversy after winning the PDC Women’s … Read more

Holy Wokeness: Liverpool Archdeacon’s ‘Anti-Whiteness’ Comments Provoke Public Pushback

An Archdeacon of Liverpool has dragged the Church of England into a new controversy after advocating for “anti-whiteness” and calling her parish to “smash the patriarchy.” Archdeacon Threlfall-Holmes The Archdeacon who started it all is named Ven Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, and she has now become a central figure in the Church of England’s conversation surrounding race … Read more

“Not a Big Deal” – No White Men in Top Government Roles for the First Time in History

For the first time in UK history, none of the four main government positions are held by white men. Is Vaughan Gething’s election as Wales’ first black leader the result of a cultural shift throughout Europe, or is the focus on increasing diversity in leadership drawing attention away from the systemic issues still negatively impacting … Read more

Gender-Pay Gap: Actresses Stand Up to Being Put Down Over Pay

Oscar-winning British Actress Olivia Colman, best known for her roles in acclaimed films and television series such as “The Favourite” “The Father” “The Crown” and “Heartstopper,” has made headlines this week for speaking out against the gender pay gap in Hollywood. Making More Money Actress Olivia Colman has publicly criticized Hollywood’s gender pay gap and … Read more

What Happened to Merit? Government’s Diversity Strategy Is ‘Counterproductive,’ Say Critics

While the UK government is reaching new levels of diversity among its representatives, critics argue that the increased focus on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) efforts is counterproductive in achieving their desired outcomes. Historic Leadership Change For the first time in Britain’s long history, none of the UK’s four main governments are led by white … Read more