Why Election Dates Are Causing GREAT Debate

While the Conservative Party debates strategically holding off on a general election, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s leadership is facing internal challenges from Conservative MPs due to low approval ratings and ministerial resignations.

Sunak’s Leadership Challenged

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Several Conservative MPs are potentially challenging Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s leadership due to the party’s low approval ratings and recent ministerial resignations.

Election Timing Speculated

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In response to these rumours, Sunak’s team stands by their desire for a general election in the fall, highlighting key differences within the Conservative Party when trying to best time the election.

May Election Ruled Out

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Prime Minister Sunak has already spoken out and confirmed that the general elections will not be held on the same day as local elections.

Polls Predict Tory Defeat

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Current polling from YouGov suggests that the UK’s Conservative Party would face a brutal defeat if an election were held too soon.

Approval Rating Dip

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The YouGov polls show that Sunak’s approval ratings have hit their lowest point since he assumed office due to the growing public dissatisfaction with his leadership.

Local Elections Schedule

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It has recently been confirmed that England’s next set of local council and mayoral elections will be held on May 2 and held separately from the general election to maintain the traditional electoral calendar.

Fixed-Term Parliaments Act Repeal

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Not long ago, the Prime minister did not have the power to set election dates, but this is no longer the case thanks to a repeal made in 2022.

January 2025 Deadline

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However, the law states that the general election must take place every five years so the latest possible date for Sunak to choose for the election falls in January 2025. 

Economic Strategy

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Tory strategists believe that holding the election later in the year could lead to better results for Prime Minister Sunak. This would give his economic reforms more time to take effect and potentially improve his image.

Opposition Pressure

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Conversely, Conservative critics like Pat McFadden MP, Labour’s national campaign coordinator, are frustrated with the Conservative party and want an earlier election.

The British Public’s Rights

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McFadden said, “After 14 years of Tory failure, the British public have the right to expect an election to be called by 26 March and held on 2 May.”

Who’s Next

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With Prime Minister Sunak’s leadership coming so clearly into question, many have been quick to offer their opinions on who could be a new Prime Minister.

Chancellor’s Budget Cautions

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Adding to the Conservative party’s difficult situation, Jeremy Hunt put forth the Spring Budget, revealing that it will make little if any, impact on fiscal policy adjustments.

Historical Leadership Turnover

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It is also worth noting that if Sunak is to be replaced as the Conservative Party’s top candidate for Prime Minister, this would be the Party’s sixth leader since 2010.

Badenoch’s Outspokenness

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Kemi Badenoch, known for her forthright views, has also started gaining attention within the party due to her political positions and commitment to certain issues.

Jenrick’s Controversial Past

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At the same time, Robert Jenrick has signalled in interest in taking on the role of Prime minister, but given the many scandals surrounding him, it would likely be an uphill battle.

Shapps as Unity Candidate

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Grant Shapps’ name has also been put forth with some people going so far as to call him a ‘unity candidate’ for Prime Minster.

Tugendhat’s Foreign Affairs Focus

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Another potential candidate is Tom Tugendhat, whose background in journalism and military service makes some believe he would be in managing foreign affairs.

Strategist’s Electoral Optimism

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Despite the many names being proposed to replace Sunak, strategists seem optimistic that delaying the election could turn the tide in his favour.

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