Starmer Claims Tories Are ‘Lining Up’ to Replace Sunak

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer revealed that “half” of the Conservative Party is plotting against the Prime Minister ahead of the general election.

Labour Leader’s Remarks

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Sir Keir Starmer has made claims suggesting that “half” of Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet members are considering replacing him, while Sunak has called on his Party for unity.

Replacement Ideas

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing pressure from his own party after recent reports suggested that MPs are looking at Penny Mordaunt to replace him.

Starmer Teases Sunak 

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer used these rumours during a recent PMQs session in the House of Commons, teasing Sunak over his possible ousting.

“Stop Messing Around”

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Rumours of Tory MPs considering ousting Sunak were confirmed when Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch suggested that the “one or two MPs” should “Stop messing around.”

“Half” of Sunak’s Party Want to Replace Him

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Starmer noted during the PMQs session that Sunak’s “Party have lost faith in him” and suggested that “half of his Cabinet are lining up to replace him.”

Election Date Questioned

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Starmer continued his rampage on Sunak’s tenure as Prime Minister by revealing why Sunak could be pushing back the date of the next general election.

Starmer Quotes Public Confidence

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Starmer insisted “You can see why he (Sunak) doesn’t want an election,” referring to the public’s lack of confidence in the Tories as shown by recent polls.

Ipsos Poll Predicts Landslide

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A recent Ipsos poll showed that Sunak was facing a potential landslide defeat from the Labour Party, with only 20% of voters admitting they would vote for the Conservatives this election.

“Pack up and Go Home”

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Starmer told Sunak that his party should “pack up, go home and waste somebody else’s time” due to “endless games and gimmicks.”

Sunak’s Spineless Responses

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After multiple allegations of racism and Islamophobia within the Tory Party, Starmer slammed Sunak’s recent responses to members of his party’s controversial comments.

Prime Minister’s Lack of Courage

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Starmer accused Sunak of not having a backbone, saying, “The Prime Minister has never had the courage to stand up to his party,” before informing the House of the so-called “Tory Chaos.”

Reasons for an Election

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Starmer cited “mortgage mayhem, the waiting lists, the criminals walking free” as reasons for the Prime Minister to call a general election.

Sunak Calls for Unity

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During a 1922 meeting, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak allegedly called for unity among his MPs ahead of the election, with one MP calling the ousters “idiots” who should be “called out.”

Mass Tory Walkout

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The Tory Party is facing a mass exodus of MPs who are stepping down from their positions before the general election due to the potential landslide defeat.

Former Prime Minister Resigns

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Over 60 Tory MPs and counting have so far announced their resignation before the general election occurs, including former Prime Minister and 27-year MP Theresa May.

Ministers Walk Out

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Some ministers, including the Armed Forces Minister James Heappey and the former Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick, have also walked out over disagreements.

Tory MP Defects to Reform UK

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson has now defected to right-wing party, Reform UK, after having the whip suspended for Islamophobic comments, which Sunak failed to “properly condemn” according to the Mayor of London.

Mordaunt Refrains From Denying Takeover Claims

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Sunak’s alleged potential replacement, Penny Mordaunt, was mobbed by reporters after the rumours broke out, although she insisted she was focussing on her job.

Better Late Than Never?

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Some Tory MPs, including Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, have argued that it’s “too late” to replace Sunak as the election may have already been lost.

Sunak Under Pressure

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Starmer’s furious rhetoric in the House of Commons put Sunak under immense pressure to respond to the growing divide within the Conservatives.

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