Labour Bins Useless Rwanda Plan – Time to Get Serious on Immigration

The new Labour government has ripped up the Rwanda Bill on its first day in charge. Here’s the full story.

Rwanda Bill Scrapped

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The new Prime Minister has completely scrapped the controversial Rwanda Bill after less than 24 hours in office.

Strong Statement of Intent

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After his historic election win, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer sent a strong statement of intent to the public to show that Labour would fulfil its campaign promises.

Sunak Loses Out

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Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak didn’t only lose the election, he lost the months of debates, taxpayers’ money, time and effort that he put into the Rwanda Bill.

Starmer’s Bold First Move

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On his first day in office, the newly elected Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer, announced that he would scrap plans to send migrants to the African nation.

A Politician’s Promise

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In doing so, Sir Starmer proved to the public that he was a politician who could keep a promise after Labour said before the election that it would scrap the Rwanda plans “on the first day.”

Prime Minister’s First Speech

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Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer announced on his first day that the bill would be scrapped in his first speech in the new role.

Rwanda Bill “Dead and Buried”

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“The Rwanda scheme was dead and buried before it started,” the Prime Minister insisted before announcing the plans would be scrapped.

Rwanda as a “Deterrent”

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According to Sir Starmer, “It’s never been a deterrent,” referring to Sunak’s assertion that the bill would be used as a “deterrent” to stop the people smuggling gangs.

Labour Not Continuing With “Gimmicks”

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“I’m not prepared to continue with gimmicks that don’t act as a deterrent,” he claimed before asserting that the Rwanda Bill is an issue for the Labour Party.

“Inheriting” Rwanda From Tories

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Sir Starmer announced that the Rwanda Bill is a “problem” the Labour Party is “inheriting” from the previous government.

Six Steps to Save Britain

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Prior to the election, the Labour Party announced six “steps” that the Party would use to describe its plans for the country, including immigration.

Border Security Command

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The “step” that focused on immigration promised that the Party would “Launch a new Border Security Command.”

Launching New Immigration Taskforce

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This new “Border Security Command” was recently announced by the new Home Secretary after Labour announced its first Cabinet appointments.

Home Secretary’s First Announcement

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On her first day in the role, the new Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, announced more information about the Border Security Command.

Commander’s Role

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Cooper claimed that the Commander would be a “leader used to working in complex and challenging environments, for example, at senior levels of policing, intelligence, or the military.”

Working With the EU

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The Home Office announced that the Border Security Command would work with the EU nations to investigate and detain those responsible for people smuggling.

Disrupting Criminal Activity

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According to the Home Office, the task force would work with EU countries to “disrupt the activity of the criminal smuggling gangs.”

Bringing People Smugglers to Justice

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The Home Office believes that people smuggling gangs should be targeted, claiming the task force will “ensure those profiting from people smuggling are brought to justice”.

Labour Rejects Rwanda

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Labour has rejected the Rwanda plans since the former Prime Minister laid them out almost two years ago.

Rebuilding the Country

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The swift action from the new Labour government to remove these Rwanda plans shows its commitment to rebuilding the nation as quickly as possible.

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