No Apology to Trans Teen’s Parents After Commons Transphobic Joke

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is once again under fire for his comments on trans people, this time while the mother of murdered trans teenager Brianna Ghey was present. Still, Mr. Sunak insists he hasn’t said anything wrong and refuses to apologize.

Prime Minister’s Trans Remark

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While the mother of a murdered trans teenager was sitting in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak chose to mock Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer, accusing him of U-turning on the definition of a woman, “Although in fairness, that was only 99% of a U-turn,” he said.

Starmer’s Shame Comment

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In response to the comment, Sir Keir Starmer said, “Of all the weeks to say that, when Brianna’s mother is in this chamber. Shame,” resulting in Sunak’s attempt to downplay the situation.

Commons Leader’s Response

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Commons leader Penny Mordaunt defended Mr. Sunak, describing him as a “good and caring man” and suggesting that he may have reflected on the situation privately.

Arrival of Ms Ghey

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Brianna’s mother, Ms Ghey, was not present in the public gallery during the recent exchange between the two leaders at Prime Minister’s Questions and has refused to comment on the situation.

A Mother Focused on Legacy

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Ms. Ghey stressed that she just wants to “focus is on creating a positive change and a lasting legacy for Brianna” instead of getting involved in a political squabble.

Father’s Demand for Apology

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Brianna’s father, Peter Spooner, is urging Mr. Sunak to apologize for what he deems a “degrading” and “dehumanizing” remark.

Sunak’s U-Turn Response

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Instead, Sunak responded to Starmer by calling him “sad and wrong” for attempting “to use that tragedy to detract from the very separate and clear point I was making.”

Criticism of Identity Usage

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Mr. Spooner expressed his dismay, stressing that “Identities of people should not be used in that manner, and I personally feel shocked by his comments and feel he should apologize for his remarks.”

Brianna’s father’s comments were backed by former minister Paul Scully, who urged Mr. Sunak to apologize, suggesting a personal call to Brianna’s father as a gesture of compassion.

Tragic Murder of Brianna

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Brianna Ghey was just sixteen when she met a tragic end after being brutally stabbed 28 times by two individuals in a hate crime because of her gender identity.

Compassion of Rishi Sunak

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Scully expressed confidence in Mr. Sunak’s compassion but accused opposition parties of exaggerating and creating what he described as “confected outrage.”

Sunak Doubles Down on LGBTQ Support

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Mr Sunak was recently put to the test in an interview with a trans woman on the news, where he doubled down on his stance, stressing his party’s support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Defending His Actions

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Mr Sunak defended his actions in an interview, saying that the Conservatives have a proud track record of inclusion, “If you look at our record over the past few years, it’s one I hope you and everyone else are proud of,” he said.

Government’s Stand on Safety

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Mordaunt mirrored Sunak’s comments, saying, “This government has been right to protect the safety and dignity of woman at each stage of doing so has sought to bring certainty and assurance to trans people.”

Sunak’s Same-Sex Marriage Argument

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Mr Sunak used the introduction of same-sex marriage to UK law by the Tory party to defend his comments mocking trans people, “It was a Conservative government under one of my predecessors who made sure we have same sex marriage,” he said.

Sunak’s Divergence From Trans Rights

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Sunak also argued that Conservatives “made sure that all our public services work better” for same-sex couples. However, his history of anti-trans rhetoric still lingers.

Sunak’s Anti-Trans Rhetoric

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In the past, Sunak has belittled the rights of trans people, saying quotes like the British public are being “bullied” into thinking people can switch genders.

Disregarding Trans Community

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Sunak also said that he believes “a man is a man and a woman is a woman,” describing it as “common sense,” showing his complete disregard for the trans community in society.

Public Reaction to Controversy

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The controversy sparked by Mr. Sunak’s remarks has resulted in varying responses from the public, with calls for apologies stemming further than just politicians and Brianna’s father.

Will Sunak Give In?

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After proving in the past that he’s no friend of the trans community and taking his rhetoric a step further by insulting the mother of a murdered trans teenager, the country waits for an apology from the Prime Minister.

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