“Deeply Disturbing” – Racist Tory Donor NOT Deemed ‘Extremist,’ Despite Wishing Harm on Labour MP

After a Tory donor suggested that Diane Abbott “Should be shot,” a Tory minister has insisted that this doesn’t put him in the new category of “extremist” that has just been announced.

New Definition Announced

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After announcing a new definition of the word “extremism” to align with those protesting for peace in Gaza, the Conservatives might have inadvertently contradicted themselves.

Tory Donor’s Violent Comments

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A Tory donor recently was exposed for making comments in 2019 about former Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott, which were both racist and violent.

Tory Donor Could Be Classed “Extremist”

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Under the new definition of “extremism” in the UK, the Tory donor could be classed as an extremist for his comments that wished death upon the former Labour MP.

Communities Secretary’s Response

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Michael Gove, the Communities Secretary, refrained from categorising the remarks made by a Tory donor regarding Diane Abbott as “extremist” under the new definition.

Starmer Pressures Sunak for Answers

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When faced with pressure by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to address the comments made by the Tory donor, Frank Hester, the Prime Minister insisted that Hester’s apology had already been accepted.

Hester’s Racist Comments

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The comments in question were made in a meeting back in 2019 when Hester suggested that seeing Diane Abbott on TV made him “want to hate all black women.”

Abbott “Should Be Shot”

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But that’s not all, as Hester also went on to wish death upon Abbott, claiming that she and an unnamed executive “Should be shot,” instead of sacked.

New Definition Revealed

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The new definition of extremism, announced by the Tory government, suggests “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance” that could “negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others.”

Analysing New Definition

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It could be argued that under the new definition, Hester’s suggestion that Abbott “Should be shot” falls under the category of trying to “destroy” her “rights and freedoms” while promoting “violence.”

Tories Turn a Blind Eye

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In turn, this would make Hester an extremist, although the fact he has donated £10 million to the Conservative Party in the last year alone has allowed the Party to turn a blind eye.

“Christian Forgiveness” as Gove’s Reason

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When asked whether Hester would be considered an extremist under the new law, Communities Secretary Michael Gove insisted that he would exercise “Christian forgiveness.”

Gove Refuses to Compare Hester to Extremist Groups

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Gove mentioned that he “wouldn’t want to conflate those motivated by extremist ideology with an individual comment, however horrific,” implying that Hester was not an extremist.

Labour Call for Return of Donation

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Many Labour MPs called on the Conservatives to return the £10 million donation made by Hester, although Tory MPs have insisted that this is not an option.

“Deeply Disturbing” Comments

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Labour MP Anneliese Dodds suggested that “Anything less than returning the money will be a stain on the Conservative Party,” calling the comments “deeply disturbing.”

Abbott Slams “Frightening” Comments

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Diane Abbott herself, still a member of the House of Commons, argued that the comments were “frightening” and have left her open to abuse on public transport around London.

Sunak Accepts Apology… and Donation

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said in the Houses of Parliament that Hester had apologised for his comments and the Conservatives would accept that apology and his multi-million-pound donation.

Sunak’s Extremism Speech

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Sunak recently made an address to the nation outside Downing Street about extremism in the UK, claiming that the pro-Palestine protestors calling for a ceasefire in Gaza were “dark forces.”

Popular Chant Branded “Extremist”

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Michael Gove insisted that the chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” would be banned in the UK under the new term for extremism as it allegedly calls for the destruction of Israel.

Gove Calls Protests “Extremist”

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Gove also insisted that these protests were being run by “Extremist organisations,” urging the “good-hearted” people taking part to question the groups running the protests.

Starmer Hits Out at Tory “Extremists”

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told the Prime Minister he needs to “Get a grip” on the “Extremists” within the Tory Party after allegations of Islamophobia have been rife in recent weeks towards certain Tory MPs.

Tory Double Standards

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Critics now believe that there are double standards in the Tory Party when it comes to extremism after multiple allegations of Islamophobia against them in the last few months.

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