Russian Town Evacuated as Ukraine Looks to Take the War Across the Border

For the first time in Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian officials have acknowledged a threat that the war could expand across the country’s borders, something that Russia assured would not happen, as 300 residents of the Russian town of Belgorod have been told to evacuate amidst fears of a Ukraine strikes.

Evacuation From Belgorod

Russia has begun evacuating around 300 residents from the border region of Belgorod due to an increased threat from Ukrainian strikes. This marks a rare acknowledgement by Moscow of the dangers posed by a war from which it has sought to isolate its citizens.

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov confirmed the evacuation, stating, “Approximately 300 residents of Belgorod city decided to temporarily move.”

This shift from Russia recognizes the seriousness of the recent surge in Ukrainian attacks on the region, which shares a border with northeastern Ukraine.

Retaliation and Civilian Impact

The conflict escalated following Russia’s major air attack on Ukraine on December 29, prompting Kyiv to resume targeting the Russian region.

The subsequent Ukrainian strikes on Belgorod resulted in at least 25 casualties, intensifying the cycle of violence. Governor Gladkov’s offer to help worried Belgorod residents reflects a response to the significant impact on civilians.

The governor stressed, “We are scared, help us go to a safe place,” as residents reached out for assistance in the aftermath of the attacks.

Evacuation Efforts and Regional Support

As a response to the escalating conflict, Gladkov shared that his office received 1,300 applications to send children from Belgorod to school camps in other regions.

Gladkov assured his citizens that collaboration with authorities from distant regions, such as Voronezh, Kaluga, Tambov, and Yaroslavl, is “ready to help us.”

Russia retaliated with another wave of airstrikes across Ukraine, targeting various regions and resulting in casualties. Ukraine’s National Police reported at least four deaths and 38 injuries. The Ukrainian Air Force claimed to have shot down 18 cruise missiles and eight drones out of the 59 launched by Russia.

President’s Response

President Volodymyr Zelensky affirmed Ukraine’s commitment to respond, stating, “Russia had used nearly every type of weapon in its arsenal,” showing the intensity that Russia is willing to provide throughout the conflict and further allowing Ukraine to exercise the right to defend itself.

Zelensky repeatedly labelled Russia’s attacks as “terrorist strikes.” The Ukrainian attack on Belgorod was a response to what the Ukrainian military called the largest air strike on Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion.

“It’s been a long time since we have seen so many enemy targets on our monitors in all regions and all directions,” said a spokesperson for the Ukrainian airforce, “Everything was being fired.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “I condemn in the strongest terms the overnight large-scale missile & drone attack by Russia on Ukrainian cities & towns across the country,” in a statement response to the Russian attack.

Bringing the War to Russia

Ukraine’s targeting of Russian regions near the border, particularly the December 30 attack on Belgorod, indicates a strategic shift in the entire conflict. The strikes, while not comparable to the destruction in Ukraine, serve as a means to bring the war closer to Russians.

A Belgorod resident captured the gravity of the situation, saying, “People realized there really is a war going on, and it’s come now to Belgorod, maybe not for the first time but the most grave and frightening.” 

In the wake of the attacks, Governor Gladkov acknowledged the public’s safety concerns and shared messages received on social media.

Residents expressed fear, seeking assistance to relocate to safer places. Gladkov’s public offer to relocate large groups of the local population affected by the war was a first for the top Belgorod official.

Evacuation efforts have continued, with residents reportedly traveling significant distances away from their homes.

Military Maneuvers and Cross-Border Intricacies

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence claimed to have made an incursion into the Belgorod region, destroying a Russian stronghold and mining roads used by Russians.

This alleged operation was a response to planned Russian inspections in the area. The incident illustrates Ukraine’s efforts to disrupt Russian military activities near its borders and adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict.

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