Sunak Delays Vote to Remove Criminals From Parliament

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has questioned why the Prime Minister delayed a vote that would see politicians removed from places of power.

Keir Starmer’s Call for a Safe Workplace

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to pass a bill that would ban MPs found guilty of sexual assault from being allowed back into Parliament.

Everard Case Makes Voices Heard

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After the case of Sarah Everard fueled criticism towards the men in places of power, Keir Starmer is fighting for a “safe workplace here in Westminster.”

Angiolini Report Shows Shocking Truth

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The Angiolini report on the murder of Sarah Everard showed that the police knew about her killer, Wes Couzens, a police officer, and his previous allegations of sexual assault but failed to act on the cases.

Starmer Throws Allegations Regarding Next Couzens

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Starmer asked the Prime Minister how the Conservatives were doing “nothing to stop another Couzens operating in plain sight,” to which Sunak insisted they acted “quickly” at the time.

Parents Declare Everard’s Death was Preventable

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Everard’s parents have revealed that their daughter would still be alive today if those in power had done their due diligence and removed Couzen’s rights to be a police officer, or better yet arrested him sooner.

A Huge Mistake From Hiring Team

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According to a report from the Home Office, Couzens “should never” have been hired as a police officer in the first place and accused the police of not doing proper background checks.

Six Cases Too Many

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Since the Conservatives were reelected in 2019, there have been six incidents of sexual misconduct from MPs that have led to suspensions and lost seats.

Disgraced Tory MP Allowed Back

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One Tory MP, Crispin Blunt, who had the whip suspended in 2023, was arrested on the grounds of sexual misconduct towards a woman and was spotted in Parliament upon his release.

Delay in Vote on MP Accountability

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Despite repeated delays, a crucial vote on whether MPs accused of serious offences should be banned from Parliament remains pending, at the hands of the Prime Minister. 

Sunak’s “Rosy Picture” Not Enough

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Starmer accused the Prime Minister of painting a “rosy picture” of the British criminal justice system instead of doing things to improve the lack of confidence that women have in it.

Starmer’s Message to Sunak

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Starmer insisted “The problem is the rosy picture the Prime Minister tries to paint of the current criminal justice system is completely at odds with the confidence many women currently have in it.”

Starmer’s Blow to Sunak’s Reign

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Starmer asked the Prime Minister how he “expects” women to trust the justice system in the UK, when under Sunak’s reign, “almost all rapists” fail to see the “inside of a courtroom.”

Sunak’s Wild Claim

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Sunak responded by claiming that Starmer “did mention his time at the Crown Prosecution Service” but also insisted that “under his (Starmer’s) tenure, rape convictions actually dropped.”

Sunak’s Baseless Claims

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Starmer instantly insisted that the Prime Minister “knows” his claim would be fact-checked and the fact check has now proved that Sunak’s claims were false.

The Public “Deserves” to Know

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Starmer added that the public deserves to know that politicians are doing all they can to make the “country safer for women,” as Sunak delays the vote that could see politicians like Crispin banned.

Slamming Sunak For “Failing” Women

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Starmer called the vote “the most basic task” in starting a new culture within Parliament that ensures women feel safe, saying that the Conservatives are “failing in that endeavour” and that politicians “have a duty” to change it.

Lack of Response From Rishi Sunak

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When asked about the delayed vote by Starmer, Sunak dodged the question entirely, focusing instead on government initiatives to ensure community safety. 

Sunak’s Response

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Sunak noted the “Domestic Abuse Act,” and “a 24/7 Victims Support Line,” increased “funding for Victim Support,” and investments in “practical” measures like “CCTV and better street lighting.”

Rape Action Review Plan

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Sunak insisted that the Rape Action Review Plan was showing considerably positive results, claiming that rape convictions had gone up by 15% under his leadership, despite Starmer’s claims of failure.

Nation’s Lack of Tory Confidence

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With a general election expected to be called in the Autumn, the polls suggest it’s not just women who have no confidence in the Tories, but the whole nation.

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