“I’ve Already Started to Like Christie Better,” Trump Says He’s Already Picked His Vice President

Former President Donald Trump took centre stage in a Fox News town hall in Des Moines, strategically avoiding the latest GOP presidential debate. During this, Trump hinted at having already decided on his vice-presidential pick. 

Trump’s Elusive VP Choice

Trump suggested that he has already made a decision about his running mate but chose not to divulge the details during the Fox News town hall. When asked directly about a potential vice president pick, he coyly responded, “I can’t tell you that really,” and “I mean, I know who it’s going to be,” showing how he has already decided on the individual.

Despite the pressure for a name, Trump playfully teased, indicating that he may reveal the potential number two in a future broadcast, we’ll do another show sometime,” he said.

While maintaining a lead among GOP rivals, Trump showcased an unexpected openness to collaborating with other Republican presidential candidates. Expressing a willingness to build bridges, he even humorously mentioned growing fond of Chris Christie, a former ally turned critic.

“I’ve already started to like Christie better,” he joked. Hours before Trump’s appearance, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his decision to drop out of the Republican race. The former ally’s departure was marked by a hot mic incident where he criticized GOP rivals Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley.

Trump, responding to a joke about Christie as a potential VP, acknowledged the unlikely scenario with a laugh. “Christie for vice president?” the interviewer asked. “I don’t see it. That would be an upset,” “Christie for vice president,” Trump said laughing.

Christie’s Behind-the-Scenes Critique

Christie’s behind-the-scenes critique, captured on a hot mic, revealed the internal tensions within the GOP race. He commented, “People don’t want to hear it,” and criticised DeSantis and Haley’s approaches. We know we’re right. But they don’t want to hear it. We couldn’t have been any clearer,” Christie said.

“Who’s punching above their weight and who’s going getting a return on their investment?” He asked. “She’s [Nikki Haley’s] gonna get smoked. You and I both know it, she’s not up to this.” He also claimed that DeSantis is “petrified” of losing to Trump. Responding to these comments, Trump agreed with Christie saying he was “right.”

The Republican debate between DeSantis and Haley turned into a heated clash, addressing issues ranging from Trump’s legacy to foreign policy. Recent polls indicate Haley gaining momentum and narrowing Trump’s lead. Insiders suggest that Trump is considering Haley as his potential running mate.

Reports suggesting Trump’s contemplation of Nikki Haley as his vice president have sparked internal debates within his inner circle. Seeking advisers’ opinions on Haley’s viability, Trump faces scepticism, with concerns that her candidacy might not resonate with his Maga base.

Public criticisms, including remarks from Trump’s son Don Jr. and Tucker Carlson, signal strong opposition to a potential Trump-Haley ticket. It was reported that Trump asked his advisors, “What do you think of Nikki?” Trump’s son Don Jr. has already suggested in interviews that he will “go to great lengths to make sure” a Trump/Haley collaboration will not take place.

Trump’s Varied VP Considerations

Beyond Haley, Trump has floated a diverse array of potential VP candidates, including South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Arizona Republican Kari Lake, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, J.D. Vance, Byron Donalds, and Elise Stefanik. The inclusion of figures like Noem, Carson, and Scott shows the potential for a dynamic vice-presidential selection, revealing Trump’s intention to appeal to a broad spectrum of voters.

Trump’s continued dominance in the GOP is evident through his strategic involvement in the vice-presidential selection process. 

Trump’s enduring influence within the GOP allows him to dictate the narrative and control key aspects of the party’s dynamics. The ongoing deliberations over the vice-presidential candidate showcase his ability to shape the political conversation and maintain a stronghold within the Republican party. 

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