Trump “Will Not Get Through” Criminal Trials According to Florida Governor Ron Desantis During Fiery GOP Debate

Although Republican candidates Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley disagreed on almost everything thrown at them in the latest debate in Iowa, they could agree on one thing, that the US needs a fresh, new President. DeSantis claimed that former President Trump “will not get through” his criminal trials, paving the way for a new Republican candidate.

DeSantis Raises Legal Concerns Over Trump’s Candidacy

In a charged Wednesday night debate ahead of the 2024 Republican contest, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a warning to former President Donald Trump, suggesting that Trump’s legal battles could cast a shadow over his presidential aspirations. The 45-year-old governor hinted at the potential for Trump to face legal consequences before the November general election, setting the stage for a contentious primary season.

DeSantis escalated his criticism of the 77-year-old former president for his handling of the looming criminal trial that Trump is entangled in.

The Florida governor suggested that Trump might not emerge unscathed from the legal proceedings, claiming that Trump “will not get through” his criminal trials.

However, DeSantis directed his fiercest attacks at Nikki Haley, labelling her a “mealy-mouthed politician” beholden to her donors. The exchange unfolded in Des Moines, the state capital of Iowa, with both candidates aiming for a strong position in the Iowa caucuses.

DeSantis vs. Haley – Clash of Immigration Policies

DeSantis and Haley sparred over their immigration policies and divergent views on U.S. support for arming Ukraine. As the candidates vie for second place in the race, the debate grew increasingly heated, with accusations and criticisms dominating the stage.

Haley denounced DeSantis as a liar, questioning the efficacy of his campaign despite substantial funding.

The exchange turned personal as accusations of mismanagement and insults flew between the contenders. “You’ve got $150 million, and you’ve gone down in the polls in Iowa,” Haley said to DeSantis, “Why should we think you can manage or do anything in this country?.” Haley questioned his ability to lead based on these indicators.

DeSantis, in response, compared Haley to Hillary Clinton, before arguing, “We don’t need a candidate who is going to look down on middle America. We’ve had enough of that.”

Unifying Against Trump – A Common Ground

Despite their disagreements, both DeSantis and Haley found common ground in advocating for a new generation of leaders, positioning themselves as alternatives to Trump’s dominance. “Donald Trump’s gonna lose that appeal,” said DeSantis. “He’s going to end up going to trial in front of a stacked left-wing DC jury of all Democrats,” before arguing “What are the odds that he’s going to get through that? … I don’t think he gets through that”.

While engaged in a bitter debate, DeSantis and Haley shared a rare moment of unity.

As DeSantis confidently predicted the outcome of Trump’s legal battles, the debate took a turn toward the potential obstacles awaiting the former president. Nikki Haley joined the critique, rebuking Trump’s legal defence of presidential immunity as “ridiculous.”

She challenged the notion of immunity in the face of serious allegations, “You can’t go and kill a political rival and then claim, you know, immunity from a president,” she said, referencing one of Trump’s lawyers who recently deemed it lawful for a President to assassinate a political rival.  “I think we have to start doing things that are right,” she argued.

Trump’s Confident Revelation on Fox News

While DeSantis and Haley engaged in a heated debate, Trump seized the spotlight on Fox News, confidently revealing that he had already selected his running mate for the 2024 race.

Despite withholding the name, Trump projected an air of confidence, predicting DeSantis’s eventual exit from the race and focusing on his plans for a second administration. When asked for more details, Trump replied, “I can’t tell you that really,” but insisted, “I mean, I know who it’s going to be.”

Trump also suggested he had asked “very most important people in the military” to work with him for his potential second term as US president. 

Trump teased “We’ll do another show sometime” hinting that he’ll reveal his potential Vice President at a future show. After Chris Christie revealed he would drop out from the Presidential race, Trump joked, “I’ve already started to like Christie better,” and agreed with the former candidate’s comments that neither Haley nor DeSantis stood a chance of running against the former President.

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