Trump’s Defamation Loss Marks ‘A New Way’ for Female Justice

E Jean Carroll’s defamation victory against Donald Trump marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice. Here’s the full story.


Sometimes, the English language needs a little help. Schadenfreude is a German word defined as taking pleasure in another person’s misfortune, and it was on display in spectacular fashion recently. E Jean Carroll, the former Elle magazine columnist who emerged victorious in her defamation court against former President Donald Trump, securing a monumental $83.3 million, was recently on a victory tour and did not mince her words.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Carroll stated that Donald Trump was “nothing,” and that “we don’t need to be afraid” of Trump. Carroll’s victory against Trump has been hailed by many as a significant moment when it comes to holding powerful figures accountable for their actions. 

The defamation case, the outcome of which has seen Carroll doing the rounds on the media circuit, stems from defamatory statements made by Trump regarding Carroll’s allegations that he sexually abused her.

Trump’s inability to keep his mouth closed led to the defamation suit and culminated in a significant financial penalty for the self-proclaimed billionaire.

This most recent judgment added to a previous $10 million award against Trump when he was initially found guilty of sexually abusing Carroll. 

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Throughout the protracted legal battle, Carroll demonstrated unwavering courage and resilience. Despite having doubts about confronting Trump in court, she ultimately managed to face him head on.

Carroll put this down to realizing that Trump was not as powerful as she had imagined him to be, likening him to “an emperor without clothes.” Carroll’s determination to seek justice underscored her refusal to be cowed by powerful figures and her commitment to holding him accountable for his behavior. 

On the media tour following the trial, Carroll shared the emotional toll the proceedings took on her, like that of many women who find themselves having to confront their abusers in court. Carroll stated that she had experienced a breakdown in the days leading up to the trial.

However, driven by her desire for justice, Carroll emphasized that her fears were ultimately unfounded. Without his army of supporters and toadies, Trump appeared to be “nothing,” as the aura of power he so carefully cultivates leaked away from him throughout the trial. 

Trump was outraged by the verdict. He expressed his profound indignation, lamenting what he perceived to be the overreach of the US court system.

In a lengthy, unhinged post on Truth Social, Trump’s social media network, he vowed to appeal the decision, showcasing his infamous ability to accept responsibility for his actions.

Should Trump proceed to appeal, it will only add to the mountain of legal woes that threaten to crush him. 

A Moment for Change

Despite Trump’s ongoing temper tantrum, Carroll remains undeterred. She expressed her excitement to receive the payout from Trump as she debated with the morning show hosts about what she could buy with the money.

Carroll also stated that she views the verdict as a pivotal moment for justice in America, symbolizing a departure from the impunity once enjoyed by influential figures. Carroll, along with her lead attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said on Good Morning America that they hoped the ruling would catalyze systemic change for similar cases in the future. 

Carroll’s defamation victory against Trump carries broader implications for accountability and justice in a country where those words aren’t always applied equally.

The response to Carroll on her media tour was overwhelmingly positive, which will hopefully empower survivors of abuse to speak out and seek legal recourse against the perpetrators. Many commentators voiced hopes that the ruling would foster a culture of accountability and support for victims in the future. 

E Jean Carroll’s defamation victory against Donald Trump represents a watershed moment in the pursuit of justice and accountability. In a world where the rich and powerful too often get away with their crimes, it underscores the power of individuals to challenge abuses.

As Carroll aptly states, “I think we’ve made a statement that things are going to be different – that there is going to be a new way of doing this in this country.”

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