Tyson Fury Could Make Boxing History on Saturday – Where and When to Watch

World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury could become the first undisputed champion of the four-belt era on Saturday night as he faces Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk.

All Four Major Belts on the Line

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There are four recognised ‘major’ belts in boxing – the WBA, WBO, WBC and IBF. It’s the first time in the division that there has been a fight for all four. 

Lennox Lewis, the Last Undisputed Champion

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Before 2004, there were three major belts, and Lennox Lewis held them all, making him the last undisputed champion. The WBO belt was only recognised as a major title in 2004, signalling the start of the four-belt era.

Ring Magazine Belt up for Grabs

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The Ring Magazine belt is an honorary title bestowed upon the boxer that the Ring Magazine recognises as the best in the division. Whilst it’s not an official title, it does carry bragging rights in the sport. Usyk is the current Ring Magazine champion. 

Usyk Holds Three Belts, Fury One

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Both fighters are undefeated in the professional ranks. Usyk twice beat Anthony Joshua to win the WBA, WBO and IBF belts, and Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder to win the WBC belt. It’s a winner-takes-all affair on Saturday.

Fight Previously Postponed

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The fight was initially scheduled for February 17th. However, Fury suffered a late cut in one of his final training sessions, which delayed the fight to allow the cut to heal. The rescheduled date was set shortly after.

Controversy in the Build-up

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Significant controversy has been in the ‘fight week’ press rounds, with Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, headbutting a member of the Usyk entourage. 

Fury’s Father in Altercation With Usyk’s Entourage

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Neither Tyson Fury nor Oleksandr Usyk were involved in the drama. Still, it adds speculation to the fight and an extra dimension to what is already shaping to be a fascinating fight. 

Usyk Using Altercation as Extra Motivation

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He said about the altercation, “It’s bad, a stupid situation. I don’t want to call John bad because I don’t know him or his mind. But he hit my friend, and it’s just another reason for me to win on Saturday night.”

Both Fighters Confident Ahead of the Fight

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Tyson Fury said, “What I deliver is victories. Whether it’s by an inch or a mile, I deliver every time. Sixteen years as a pro, I’ve been delivering my whole life. They should call me the midwife because I always deliver.”

Usyk Wants to Deliver Belts to His Children

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The Ukrainian said, “I will definitely win and I will take the belts back home. I have four belts coming for four children, two for my sons and two for my daughters, one each.”

Fascinating Mix of Styles

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Tyson Fury is a giant. He’s 6’9, is agile for a man of his size and will outweigh Usyk by around 30lbs on the fight night. Fury isn’t immune to being hit with big shots, having been down on the canvas plenty of times in his career. Fury has a fantastic chin and has yet to be knocked out in the ring. 

Fury More Skill Than Power

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Although he has evolved his fighting style over time, using more powerful punches under the tutelage of legendary trainer Sugar Hill Steward, he isn’t known for his knockout power. His heavy hitting is due to his size.

Usyk Without Rival in Skills

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The Ukrainian is the smaller man by a long way. He is 6’3 and will weigh less than 16 stone on fight night. He’s a former undisputed Cruiserweight champion (the division below heavyweight), so he has spent most of his career fighting smaller men. His skills have transferred to heavyweight boxing, though.

He’s Fought and Beaten Bigger Men

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Saturday night will be Usyk’s sixth heavyweight fight, and he has been the lighter man in each one by a long way. Despite that, he has won them all comfortably. As a southpaw (left-handed), he will be naturally awkward to beat.

Who Wins?

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The bookies have both men almost equal. Some will provide slightly better odds on Fury, others on Usyk. It is as close a fight as possible in the division. There’s a legitimately good argument to be made for both fighters.

Form Is Key

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The saying in boxing is, ‘you’re only as good as your last fight’. In Fury’s last fight, he looked slow and sluggish, recovering from being knocked down by novice boxer Francis Ngannou to win a controversial points victory. 

Usyk Beat Seasoned Heavyweight

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In stark contrast, Usyk beat Britain’s Daniel Dubois by knockout. However, the fight wasn’t without controversy when Dubois was ruled to have struck a controversial low blow that could have won him the fight. 

Punters Are Evenly Split

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The boxing media is evenly divided on who they think will win. Usyk undoubtedly has a superior skill set and is a more technically gifted boxer. Fury is much bigger and a natural heavyweight, which could be key.

History Will Be Made

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Assuming a clear winner and the fight doesn’t end in a draw, history will be made on Saturday night in Riyadh. We’ll have the first undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the four-belt era.

You can watch the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight on Saturday, May 18, in the UK through Sky Sports Box Office. The event starts at 4 pm BST.

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