Whoopi Goldberg Debated Abortion With Republican Congresswoman on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg and her guest engage in a fierce discussion about abortion in America. Full story. 

Be Our Guest

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Whoopi Goldberg helped welcome Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican Congresswoman from South Carolina, onto the set of The View recently.

Differing Opinions

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Goldberg challenged Mace almost right away about her stance on abortion. Goldberg is pro-choice, while Mace is pro-life.

Whose Choice Is It?

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Goldberg argued that women shouldn’t be “held to someone else’s religious beliefs” when it comes to abortion. “Isn’t that my choice if my doctor and I feel that’s the best way for me?” she wondered.

Keep the Government Out of It

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Goldberg also argued that the government shouldn’t be able to decide whether or not women are allowed to have abortions.

Pushing Back

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Mace responded by saying that the government is already technically involved since it foots the bill for many abortions. “Those who want the government to pay for [abortions] have the government in the room with the doctor and the woman,” she said. “You can’t have it both ways.”

The Right to Choose

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Goldberg gave Mace the chance to express her opinions but continued to attack them and go back to her original point. “Why do you want me to go with your belief when that is not my belief?” she asked.

No Limits?

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Mace refused to answer Goldberg’s question. Instead, she suggested that some states have at least explored the idea of allowing women to schedule abortions right up until the 9-month mark.

Tempers Flare

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Goldberg started to get even more worked up than she was before after hearing this part of Mace’s argument.

She shot down the suggestion that any doctor would willingly perform an abortion when a woman is 9 months pregnant.

No Way, No How

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“No one, no one, no doctor, no hospital, no one will take a baby at 9 months for an abortion,” Goldberg said.

What’s the Magic Number?

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Mace seemed to concede to Goldberg’s point. But she also called out politicians like President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for not revealing what time limits they would put on abortions.

Some Common Ground

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Goldberg and Mace didn’t agree on much during their argument on The View. But the one thing they did come to a consensus on is that abortion should be permitted in cases involving rape and incest.

This is a belief that Mace has been criticized for by some Republicans in the past.

One More Try

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Goldberg ended Mace’s appearance on The View by trying to get her to answer the original question she posed at the beginning of it.

Still Waiting for an Answer

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“Again, why is it not my choice?” Goldberg asked. “This is the part I’m missing.”

Time for a Commercial Break

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The View cut to a commercial before Mace could offer up an answer to Goldberg. But based on the rest of her appearance, it doesn’t sound like it was a question she was willing to answer anyway.

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