“March Towards the Guns” – Coups, Plots and Counterplots as Another Dire Week Beckons for Sunak

In the midst of internal dissent and external pressures, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces a crucial test of leadership as allies rally behind him amidst rumours of plots and counterplots within the Conservative Party. Here’s the full story.

Not Looking Good

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The week has barely begun, and already, things are not looking good for the Conservative Party or, more specifically, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

Bad to Worse

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The last two weeks have been incredibly damaging for the Prime Minister, with defections by Lee Anderson, who jumped ship to join Reform UK after a racism scandal, a separate row over the racist comments of a political donor to the Conservatives, Frank Hester, and dismal polling results. 

The Haunting of Rishi Sunak

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However, far from putting all that behind him and getting back to running the country, a new spectre has emerged to haunt the Prime Minister. 

Secretive Rumours

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The first hints of the oncoming potential disaster emerged over the weekend. Rumours, swirling around Westminster and beyond, began to leak out, suggesting that a secretive plot was underway to unseat Sunak.

The First Plot

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According to the Daily Telegraph, the Conservative party’s right wing has discussed replacing Rishi Sunak as prime minister with Penny Mordaunt, bypassing a divisive leadership contest.

Only Solution

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The right-wing newspaper reported that several MPs saw Mordaunt, the Leader of the House of Commons, as the only possible solution to the Conservatives’ dire situation.

“We Cannot Go On”

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According to a different right-wing newspaper, The Daily Mail, a source who spoke under anonymity told them, “The mood has shifted a long way this week. There is a feeling that we cannot go on as we are and that even Penny would be better.”

The Counter Plot

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However, Mordaunt’s allies were quick to suggest that rumours of her involvement in a plot were engineered by right-wing rivals seeking to undermine her future leadership prospects by making her appear disloyal. 

“Woke” Views

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Mordaunt was previously considered for the Leader of the Conservative Party in 2022, but concerns from the party’s right over what they saw as her “woke” views saw her dropped from the contest.

Rumour Mill

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Faced with this plot, or counterplot, depending on who you believe, some in the Conservative Party stood up to support Sunak and try to stem the bleeding the rumour mill was causing. 

“March Toward the Sound of the Guns”

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Former Defence Secretary Ben Wallace issued a stern warning amid reports of a brewing plot to depose Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, telling Times Radio, “There comes a moment in time in the electoral cycle where you effectively put on your best suit, you stand up, you march towards the sound of the guns, and you get on with it.”

“No Other Alternative”

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He continued, “There is no other alternative. And that’s just the reality of it. And some of those people missed the boat. Maybe it’s what they wanted, something different. But ultimately the only victor of this type of shenanigans is the Labour Party. But actually, look we are 14 years into a government, time to put our best case forward, whenever that may be.”

“Works Very Well Together”

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Similarly, Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch also poured cold water on the raging fires of rumour, telling LBC, “The facts are that the party works very well together.” 

Unhappy People

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However, she added, “Yes of course, there will be some people who are unhappy, I’m not going to deny that.”

“United” For Now

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Prime Minister Sunak attempted to quash the rumours of his imminent disposal, stressing that the party he leads, for now, was “united.”

Openly Critical

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Despite the Prime Minister’s assertions, some within his party have been openly critical of his handling of the Conservatives’ many recent controversies. 

Slow and Indecisive

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Many blame him for being too slow to discipline Lee Anderson over his comments concerning London Mayor Sadiq Khan and for his indecisiveness over Tory Donor Frank Hester, which damaged his image as a man with a firm grasp of the issues.

“Zombie Government”

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Still, others suggest the Prime Minister lacks a singular goal or focus, with a distinct lack of a message able to cut through to the public among dismal poll results and the suggestions by some critics that Sunak is leading a “zombie government.”

Panic Spreads

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While the extent of the plots against Sunak remains unclear, what is clear is that the Conservative MPs, many of whom face being replaced in the upcoming election if polling numbers remain unchanged, are beginning to panic.

Little Chance of Victory

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Many long-term MPs are stepping down, dismayed at what is widely expected to be a bruising campaign with little chance of victory. 

Infighting Starts

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As the panic takes hold, the many factions within the Conservative Party are attempting to fight for their chosen candidate to be best positioned to stand for Leader should the party lose the upcoming election. 

Jostling for Leadership

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The fact that the jostling for leadership positions is taking place while Sunak is still Prime Minister suggests that the party may not need plots or coups to remove him. 

Self Harm

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The Conservative Party, watched by a public that is ever more unsure of its leadership capabilities, may do that to themselves.

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