“We As a Nation Can Do Better” – Archbishop Shames Sunak for Rwanda Deportation Bill

In a powerful speech given to the House of Lords before a crucial vote on the government’s Rwanda Bill, the Archbishop of Canterbury shamed the Prime Minister arguing “we as a nation can do better.”

Archbishop of Canterbury Criticizes Rwanda Plan

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Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, slammed the government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, stating that the nation can achieve better solutions than the proposed bill.

Critique of Government’s Approach

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Welby accused the government of pursuing commendable objectives through flawed means, leading the country down a damaging path by insisting on the controversial legislation.

Archbishop’s Powerful Statement

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The Archbishop said in a powerful speech that “we as a nation can do better” accusing the government of “continuing to seek good objectives in the wrong way.”

Addressing The House of Lords

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The Archbishop addressed the House of Lords as they voted to pass five amendments that provided a huge blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s plans to get his legislation approved for the bill.

Reminder to “Welcome The Stranger”

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The Archbishop reminded the Lords of the Christian traditions that the UK was built on, suggesting that In the Christian tradition, we are told to welcome the stranger,” referring to the asylum seekers.

Supreme Court Blocks Earlier Attempt

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The Supreme Court blocked an earlier version of the legislation, deeming the proposed Rwanda bill as “unlawful,” meaning the country is not safe to send asylum seekers, which came under scrutiny from Sunak.

Ministers Accused of Outsourcing Morales

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The Archbishop argued that those who approve the bill are attempting to “outsource our legal and moral responsibilities for refugees and asylum seekers”.

Government Urged to Respond to Small Boats

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As of June 2023, asylum seekers arriving on small boats accounted for over a third of those who eventually claimed asylum in the UK, urging the government to respond by taking extreme measures.

Sunak’s “Stop The Boats” Plan

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised the nation that his government would do everything in their power to “Stop the boats,” a method of asylum that is tragically claiming the lives of so many in the English Channel. 

Tragedy Strikes on Small Boats

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Most recently, a seven-year-old girl tragically lost her life in the waters of the English Channel after being placed on one of the small boats, on the same day that 300 asylum seekers landed on British shores using the method.

Archbishop Calls for Unity

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The Archbishop argued that the Rwanda Bill was “damaging for our nation’s unity in a time when the greatest issues of war, peace, defence and security need us to be united.”

Asylum Seekers “Are Of Great Value”

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The Archbishop argued that asylum seekers are of great use to the country and should be treated with more respect, saying that the bill, “obscures the truth that all people, asylum seekers included, are of great value.”

“Damaging” UK’s Reputation

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He also argued that the bill was “damaging” to the UK’s reputation and that asylum seekers “in need of protection” should be given the right to safe passage out of their country.

Lord Clarke Back Supreme Court Decision

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After the Supreme Court’s initial ruling that the bill was “unlawful,” former Chancellor and Tory peer Lord Ken Clarke said that it was hard to imagine a scenario where the British Supreme Court would come to any other conclusion.

Rwanda Deemed “Unsafe” By Majority

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One of the five amendments voted for by the Lords was by a staggering majority of 102 votes, that deemed Rwanda an “unsafe” country that would put asylum seekers’ lives at risk.

Conservative Party Under Fire

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The Conservative Party has come under fire recently for its failed plans to deal with immigration, including a barge hotel that got evacuated, along with some members’ opinions on the religion of Islam.

Barge Evacuated After Legionella Virus

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The Bibby Stockholm barge was recently evacuated after Sunak removed hundreds of asylum seekers from hotels to the barge to be housed. The barge was evacuated just days later for a legionella leak in its water system.

Tragedy Strikes

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An asylum seeker who was allegedly “tricked” into being housed on the barge tragically took his own life, with his family urging the police to investigate more into his death.

Tory Members Under Fire

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Some Tory members, including Suella Braverman and Lee Anderson, have come under fire for their opinions on Islam, arguing that “Islamists” are now in control of certain parts of the nation.

Words Have Desired Effect

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The Archbishop of Canterbury’s words were powerful and most likely affected the Lords, who voted to pass the five amendments that could see the Rwanda Bill blocked.

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