Post-Brexit Medicine Shortages Endangering Patients Lives, Says Latest CPE Report

Community Pharmacy England (CPE) released a Medical Supply Report, stating that 79% of pharmacists surveyed believed shortages endanger patients’ health. National Survey of Pharmacies The CPE’s report surveyed 6,100 pharmacy owners and 2,000 of their staff to get information on the scale of the problem. Medicine Shortages The survey revealed a staggering 91% of pharmacy … Read more

“Ill-Informed” – Tories Accused of Playing a Political Game With Gender Education in Schools

Gillian Keegan, Education Secretary, will release guidance to restrict sex education lessons by age and content in a controversial political move that “should be focusing on [pupils’] wellbeing”. New Sex Education Rules The new guidance, to be released on Thursday, 16 May, is expected to include restrictions on teaching gender and identity, contraception and sexual … Read more

Government’s New Child Abuse Legislation Labelled ‘Useless’ By Campaigners

Campaigners, lawyers and abuse survivors are outraged by the “confused” new legislation to protect children from predators and abuse. Independent Inquiry An Independent Inquiry report published in October 2022 found that there was “a marked absence of a cohesive set of laws and procedures in England and in Wales that require individuals working with children … Read more

Government Reports ITSELF to Data Protection Watchdog After Breach

The Conservative party accidentally made hundreds of email addresses visible in a message to encourage conference registration and has referred itself to the data protection watchdog. Email Blunder The Tory party’s registration team sent an email to around 300 supporters regarding their annual conference and reportedly left all the recipients’ addresses visible to all. Information … Read more