‘Traitor’ – Boris Johnson Accuses Tucker Carlson of Cosying Up With Putin During Interview

After his controversial interview with alleged war criminal Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson has been slammed by Boris Johnson, who claimed Carlson is ‘bum-sucking’ a tyrant.

Boris Johnson Condemns Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview

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Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lashed out against “traitor” conservative commentator Tucker Carlson for his recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Johnson’s Disapproval of the “Ludicrous” Interview

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Johnson denounced the interview as “ludicrous,” arguing it puts the world in danger of falling for Putin’s lies, particularly the notion that he is destined for success in Ukraine.

Putin “Doomed” According to Johnson

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Johnson said, “We must not fall for this tissue of lies,” and asserted that Putin “is doomed to failure” in Ukraine.

Carlson’s Critique of Johnson

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Johnson’s stern words have put him in a row with the disgraced former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, with Carlson claiming Johnson wanted $1 million for an interview.

A First for the Western World

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Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin was the first that any Western media source had been able to obtain since the Russian President’s attempted invasion of Ukraine back in 2022.

Carlson’s Call to Americans

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Before the interview aired, Carlson claimed that the American people were funding a war that they knew nothing about, urging them to make their own opinions after hearing Putin’s side.

Putin’s False Rhetoric

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Throughout the interview, Putin made a number of false claims, including Ukraine was under a fascist regime and that Ukraine President Vlodomir Zelensky’s father served for the Nazis.

Carlson’s Free Speech Argument

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Despite the false allegations from the Russian President, Carlson insisted that free speech gave Putin the right to say it in an address that he delivered from Moscow and posted on his social media.

Johnson’s Critique of Carlson’s Interview Tactics

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Johnson hit out at Carlson, saying that “he didn’t ask enough questions,” such as why he is “using the most brutal means of modern warfare” to “murder innocent Ukrainian civilians.”

Carlson’s Putin Fan-Like Behavior

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By accusing Carlson of acting like a “fan” rather than a journalist, Johnson pointed out that Carlson “boneheadedly” went along with Putin’s statements without challenging the accuracy or morality of his actions.

Johnson Relies on US Civilian Common Sense

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Johnson hoped “that the people of the U.S. are able to see through last night’s unholy charade of an interview” and likened Carlson’s antics to that of previous traitors.

Carlson’s Interview Likened to “Bum-Sucking”

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Johnson likened the interview to when “George Galloway went to Baghdad and hailed the indefatigability of Saddam Hussein,” accusing Carlson of “bum-sucking” a global tyrant.

Johnson’s Charitable Claims

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Boris Johnson’s team publicly admitted that he demanded $1 million in payment for an interview with Putin but insisted the money would go to Ukrainian civilian aid.

Carlson’s Shocking Response

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Although the money would allegedly go to charity, Carlson’s response was, “I’m not defending Putin, but Putin didn’t ask for one million dollars…”

Carlson Calls Johnson “Immoral” After Putin Interview

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Despite his interview with an alleged war criminal, Carlson continued to berate Johnson for attempting to profit off the war, “you know, you can deal with God on that, because that’s really immoral,” he said.

Putin’s Message to America

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Johnson argued that Putin was waiting for someone like Carlson to come along so he could get his false narrative out to the American people, calling Carlson “just the medium, the sewer, the hose.”

Johnson Urges Congress to “Remember Who You Are”

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Johnson’s message to Congress was, “For God’s sake, remember who you are,” as they decide on whether to pass a significant foreign aid bill to help Ukraine.

The Border Debate

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For months now, Republicans and Democrats have been at loggerheads on the issue of foreign aid, which Republicans argue is becoming a priority over US border control.

Ukrainian Official Blames US for Town’s Fall

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Russian media reported that its military had claimed the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, which a Ukrainian official suggested would never have happened had the US sent military aid sooner.

Disagreement Between Right-Wing Figures 

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The row between Johnson and Carlson shows the difference between the UK’s right-wing politicians and the US hard-right media, who both have very different stances on Ukraine aid.

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