“A Dire Position” – Braverman Launches Scathing Attack On Tories

Sacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman claimed that the economic announcements do not show the British public that the Conservatives are “on their side.”

Braverman’s Scathing Attack

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Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has launched a scathing attack on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Budget announcement, becoming the latest Tory peer to fall out with their own party.

Sacked as Home Secretary

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Braverman, who was sacked as the Home Secretary for her controversial description of pro-Palestine protestors, has slammed the announcement for not connecting with the British people.

A Lack of Connection with the Public

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Braverman stated that the proposed financial plan “lacked something vivid,” asserting that it failed to convey a message of the Tories being on the side of the British people.

A Vivid Appeal to the Public

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Braverman contended that the budget should do more to communicate that the government is aligned with the interests of the public, “tell the British people that we’re on their side and that work really pays”. 

Braverman Sees Labour Victory

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Braverman admitted that Labour is in pole position to be next in power after the general election is set to be announced at an undisclosed time this year.

Polls Confirm Braverman’s Worst Fears

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According to Braverman, “There’s a new poll every day confirming my worst fears, that being that Labour is on the brink of assuming power.”

Braverman’s “Filled With Dread”

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A world where Labour and its leader Sir Keir Starmer are in control of the country, Braverman insists, is “something that fills me with dread.”

Hunt Ignores Income Tax Argument

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Her criticism of the budget started with the tax system, as Chancellor Jeremy Hunt failed to implement income tax cuts, which Braverman urged him to do before the announcement.

Appealing to the Masses

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According to Braverman, cutting income tax would appeal to a broader range of the taxpayer and as a result could lift their chances of victory in the general election, but Hunt elected for a different tactic.

Hunt’s National Insurance Cuts

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Instead, Hunt announced a cut on national insurance tax, cutting it by 2p and suggesting “We will continue to cut national insurance contributions” with the goal that the Tories would “truly make work pay.”

Hunt’s “Long-term” Plan

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Hunt insisted that the budget was part of a long-term plan that would eventually abolish National Insurance altogether, “We stick to our plan with a budget for long-term growth; it delivers more investment, more jobs, better public services and lower taxes.”

Be Bolder, Prime Minister

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Braverman insisted that despite her attempts at urging the Prime Minister to “change course” and to “be bolder,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has not listened.

Ipsos Poll Projects Tory Failure

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A recent Ipsos poll suggested that the Tories are a staggering 27% behind Labour, the largest gap since the late 70s and something that confirms Braverman’s worst fears.

Tories In “Dire Position”

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Braverman is fighting for Sunak to continue his reign as Prime Minister, “What I want is for him to win this election” but admitted that the Party is currently in a “dire position.”

Bracing for Defeat

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Braverman seemed to be all but admitting defeat, announcing the possibility that “It looks like some very good Tory MPs are going to lose their seats.”

Braverman Under Fire

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Braverman has been under fire recently for her comments regarding the religion of Islam, suggesting that the “Islamists, extremists, and the antisemites” have taken control of the UK.

Braverman’s Domino Effect

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Braverman’s comments resulted in a domino effect, as former Tory MP Lee Anderson echoed her words, directing them solely at the Mayor of London, a practising Muslim, Sadiq Khan, suggesting Khan was under the control of “Islamists.”

Anderson Suspension 

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As a result of the comments, Lee Anderson was suspended, although the Prime Minister refrained from condemning his words as “Islamophobic” as Labour MPs and Tory peers have suggested.

Reform UK Should “Welcome” Braverman

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Despite backlash from her own party, Braverman has been spoken about in a positive light by former Brexit Party leader and Reform UK ambassador, Nigel Farage, who said he would “welcome” her into Reform UK if it were up to him.

Braverman to Run as Tory Leader?

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Although she ran to be the leader of the Tory Party after Boris Johnson’s ousting in 2021, Braverman insisted there was “no vacancy at the moment” but didn’t rule out becoming Tory leader “in the future.”

Tories Showing Divide

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Jeremy Hunt’s budget announcement has received backlash from both Labour and Tory MPs including Braverman, who has herself been under fire from her party, showing the divide in the Tories ahead of the general election this year.

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