Brexit Fallout: EU Looking to Mend UK Relationship With Potential Labour Government

Should Labour win the upcoming election, the EU hopes to secure a closer relationship with the UK government after almost a decade of frosty relations. 

Tories Drove a Wedge

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The deep Euroscepticism running through the Tory party has made our relationship with our closest neighbour difficult over the last few years. 

Divisive Language Used Frequently

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In the white heat of the Brexit drama, there were elements of the Conservative party who likened the EU to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. That’s hardly the language you’d use if you were after good terms on a trade deal.

Recent Thawing of Relationship

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Some sources suggest that the UK-EU relationship is improving thanks to a more conciliatory tone offered by the Sunak administration. 

Optimism Working Together Continues to Secure Relationship

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German Green MEP Terry Reintke said: “There are so many areas where we have to work together more closely. One very obvious example is foreign and security policy.” 

Ukraine Bringing States Closer

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Ironically, the shared enemy of Russia has also helped to bring closer ties between the UK and Europe, as Defence Ministers work together to supply Ukraine with arms and training.

War an Opportunity for Progressive Relationship

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Reintke continued: “With the war in Ukraine, it has just become more obvious that we have to work closely together as allies.”

Hope for Closer Ties With Labour

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Ahead of a potential change of government and, therefore, of the UK’s relationship with Europe, an EU diplomat said: “If the UK is looking for a more positive relationship, they will be pushing an open door at this end.”

Closer Relationship Doesn’t Mean One-Way Traffic of Benefit

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“There is potentially a lot available in terms of closer relationships … But that has been available at any time, and of course there are responsibilities and rules attached to it from the UK side.”

Suspicion of Europe From the Tories

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The EU diplomat said: “There is often a sense in the UK, from what we see, that the EU offered a worse deal to the Tories because the Tories are so negative. I just don’t think that that’s reality.”

Positions Changed the Deal – Not the Politics

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“It had everything to do with the positions taken by the UK government and nothing to do with politics of the UK government.”

EU Optimism Labour Comes With Credible Proposals

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Another EU diplomat said: ​​“If a Labour government comes with ideas and credible proposals – and I can’t underscore the word ‘credible’ enough – we would be willing to discuss and entertain those conversations.”

Labour Still Keeping a Credible Distance From EU

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Whilst there’s still strong scepticism about the EU in the UK, Labour has been careful not to align with it too closely. 

David Lammy Outlines EU Relationship Idea

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Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy said: “The centrepiece of this relationship should be a security pact that drives closer coordination across a wide variety of military, economic, climate, health, cyber, and energy security issues, and that complements both parties’ unshakable commitment to Nato.”

National Feelings About Brexit Changing

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In a YouGov poll, over 60% of people think that Brexit has been a failure, and those figures will change every year as being outside the UK hurts us more. 

Office for Budget Responsibility Highlights Harm

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The OBR has said that productivity is around 4% lower per year than it is outside the EU. Trade is also impacted by around 15% per year, and the total cost to the UK is north of £100bn annually.

Euroscepticism Prominent in Older Generations

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The increase in leave voters climbed with each increase in age demographic. In the referendum, 73% of 18-24-year-olds voted to remain, and only 40% of 65 years and older.

Opinions Shifted After the Event

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In a recent poll from Statista, 55% of Brits think we made the wrong decision to leave the EU. It’s safe to assume that these people would welcome closer ties with Europe as and when the new government is elected. It’s no longer the political hand grenade it was. 

The Elephant in Every Room

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With Brexit being a self-inflicted wound and becoming more apparent with each passing year, don’t be surprised if we see closer ties with Europe. Since 2016, the political and demographic picture has changed a lot, and it’s not such a controversial issue anymore.

In a Global World, We Need Friends

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If Ukraine has taught us anything, having good allies is important. Rather than get misty-eyed over a Britannia that doesn’t exist, maybe it’s time to rebuild bridges and secure relationships with European neighbours.

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