Non, Merci – 17 Brit Issues the French Would NEVER Accept

The English and French, neighbours separated by a mere channel, have cultures as distinct as chalk and cheese. Here’s a look at 17 things the English tolerate with a stiff upper lip that the French would rather toss into the Seine with a disdainful scoff.

#1. Lukewarm Beer

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In England, room-temperature ale is a sign of sophistication. In France? They’d sooner drink the water from the Seine.

#2. Endless Queuing

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The English see queuing as a national sport, whereas the French view it as a personal affront to their very essence.

#3. Incompetent Leaders

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In England, political leaders who fumble and bumble are often met with a mix of resigned humour and a “keep calm and carry on” attitude. Across the Channel, the French are far less forgiving, turning political dissatisfaction into an art form of protests and demands for accountability. 

#4. Marmite

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This divisive yeast extract embodies British culinary daring. The French palate, however, finds no time for such… “acquired tastes.”

#5. Polite Small Talk

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The English weaponize small talk to avoid awkward silences. The French? They’d rather embrace the silence than discuss the weather.

#6. Overcooked Vegetables

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A staple of English cuisine that the French culinary tradition would likely consider a crime against gastronomy.

#7. Tepid Tea

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While the English debate milk first or last, the French are bewildered by the lack of concern for tea temperature.

#8. Imperial Measurements

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The English cling to pounds and miles with nostalgic fervour; the French, champions of the metric system, find this charmingly archaic.

#9. Protests and Demonstrations

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The French see protests as a national pastime, an art form to express dissent and demand change. Meanwhile, the English, with their tolerance for queues and penchant for polite apologies, might view the French passion for public demonstrations with a mix of awe and incredulity, wondering if there’s anything a strongly worded letter couldn’t solve.

#10. Cricket

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An English pastime so complex, it seems designed to confuse. The French see no allure in sports that require a tea break.

#11. Carpeted Bathrooms

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An English home comfort that leaves the French questioning British hygiene standards.

#12. Garden Gnomes

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Adored ornaments in many an English garden, the French might see them as kitsch personified.

#13. Stiff Upper Lip

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The English pride in emotional restraint puzzles the passionate French, who prefer their emotions worn openly.

#14. Lawn Obsession

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The English love for a manicured lawn is viewed by the French as a quaint obsession bordering on madness.

#15. Warm Pubs

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The cozy English pub, with its low ceilings and roaring fire, contrasts sharply with the French preference for airy cafes.

#16. Gravy on Everything

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The English enthusiasm for drowning meals in gravy is a concept the French palate finds bewildering at best.

#17. Irony and Understatement

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English humor, laden with irony and understatement, often flies over the heads of the more direct French.

Love-Hate Relationship?

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In conclusion, while the English find comfort in their peculiarities, the French are happily baffled by the eccentricities of their neighbours. It’s a love-hate relationship that endures, fueled by mutual bemusement and an unspoken respect for each other’s quirks.

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