Britain On Its Knees: Sunak Says the ONLY Safe Option Is a Tory Vote

At a speech delivered by the Policy Exchange think tank in central London, Rishi Sunak told the country that we were about to enter some of the most “dangerous” but “transformational” years we’d ever known. 

Sunak Claims Only Tories Are Thinking About the Future

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The speech was clearly framed as a pre-election appeal to voters because Sunak pitted his party against Labour right from the opening. He says only the Conservatives are “talking about the future.”

Threats From Abroad Highlighted

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Sunak outlined the threats from abroad that we’ve experienced over the last few years, starting with Russia. He has also warned about Iranian attacks on shipping impacting supply chains. He says, “This problem is only going to grow.”

Sunak Blames Financial Difficulties on Conflicts

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Rishi Sunak has described the cost-of-living crisis as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s. The blame lies with the succession of once-in-a-generation shocks (pandemic and war).

Sings the Virtues of Brexit

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In the speech, Sunak has claimed some recent successes are because of Brexit. He said “Brexit Britain has leapt above France, Japan and the Netherlands to become the world’s fourth biggest exporter”.

Concerns Over Accuracy of Figures

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The BBC fact-checked this claim, and said that although we are the 4th biggest exporter by value, we were that in 2015, so it’s nothing new. We dropped temporarily, but have remained 4th since 2019. 

Sunak Takes Aim at Labour

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In his speech, Sunak criticised Keir Starmer, saying, “Starmer’s gone from embracing Corbyn to taking in Natalie Elphicke.” He also said that when it comes to the future, Labour has “nothing to say about it.”

Sunak Critical of Labour Approach

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Sunak has been critical of Labour, saying that “maybe they can depress their way to victory”. The problem he has here is that for the UK population, it has been hard to get upbeat about life under the Tories. Economic crashes, high inflation and expensive mortgages don’t help. 

Sunak Wants to Increase Defence Spending

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Sunak spoke about how keeping the country safe is his highest priority. He has used his proposed increase in defence budgets as a measure of that intent. 

Thoughts on the UK Economy

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The Prime Minister said that his Government has always helped “people struggling to make ends meet.” He said, “I hope I’ve shown that the government I lead will always be there for you.”

Education in Focus

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Rishi Sunak said he wants to build a “truly world-class” education system and promised to end “rip-off” degrees. Ironically, tuition fees have dramatically risen during the Tory government. 

Election Dates Requested

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Despite calls from journalists, politicians and the public alike, Sunak hasn’t revealed any election date. He said it is his “working assumption” that the election will be held in the second half of this year. 

Opposition Response to Sunak

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Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader said on social media: “Families are fed up with NHS failures, sewage scandals, and inaction on the cost of living crisis. This Conservative Government is out of touch and running out of road.”

Starmer Sums Up Tory Power

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He said: “Millions of people are paying more on their mortgages, crime is going unsolved, dangerous prisoners are being let out early, the armed forces have been hollowed out and the NHS is on its knees.”

Sunak Will Be Hoping Speech Emboldens Voters

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Rishi Sunak has painted a picture of a dangerous world—one that we can be safe in as long as the Conservatives are in power. He has pointed to his offer to increase defence spending as an example. 

Public Live in Real World

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The issue he’ll have to deal with is that the public doesn’t live in a world of ‘potential threat’. When mortgage costs are so high, inflation has been running riot, and NHS waiting times are at record lengths, it’s hard to convince voters that things will be great under him. 

Labour Claim Defence Spending Commitments Will be Matched

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Despite Sunak’s claims about the country being safer under the Tories, Keir Starmer has promised that the UK defence budget will also be increased under him. 

Sunak Isn’t Just Battling His Record

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The issue Sunak has to fight is the fact that much of Tory’s reputation for incompetence hasn’t been forged under his leadership. Brexit came from Cameron, Partygate, and PPI was Johnson; crashing the economy was a Liz Truss trick. He’s fighting to repair that damage, too. 

Sunak Hoping to Inspire Confidence

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Today was the first of a series of speeches Sunak will use to try to sway the voters. His challenge is convincing a frustrated public to vote for a party that has put the country through some of the worst issues of the last 25 years. 

All Eyes on Labour Now

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This speech was the opening gambit ahead of election season. Both parties will be jockeying for position over the coming months, selling themselves as the party and leaders to bring the good times back. Let’s see how Labour responds.

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