Truss Reveals HER Take on Britain’s ‘Worst Prime Minister’ of All Time

Liz Truss, who served Britain’s shortest-ever spell as Prime Minister, has revealed who she believes was the “Worst Prime Minister” – but her reasons have caused a stir.

Former Prime Minister’s Assertion

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Former Prime Minister Liz Truss revealed who she believes was the worst Prime Minister in Britain’s history.

Truss Breaks Records

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Truss herself was famously Prime Minister for the shortest amount of time in UK history before being forced to resign.

South West Norfolk’s MP

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Truss is currently a Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk and did an interview with her local newspaper ahead of the general election.

Sparking Political Reaction

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During the interview, Truss made an assertion about a former Prime Minister who has received considerable reactions across the political spectrum.

Labelling Tony Blair as the Worst PM

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The former Prime Minister told the interviewer that she believed Tony Blair was the worst leader this country had ever seen, but viewers found her reasons bizarre.

Liz Truss Makes Wild Claim

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“The worst prime minister in recent years is Tony Blair”, said Liz Truss who lasted just 49 days in office before resigning for her economic policies.

Reasons for Statement Revealed

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Truss explained her reasoning for the statement, which many found bizarre, citing several acts that protect human rights, introduced by Blair.

Equality, Human Rights, and Climate Change

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Truss claimed that Blair was the worst Prime Minister because he “created things like the Equality Act, the Human Rights Act and the Climate Change Act.”

Truss’s Claims Debunked

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Despite these claims, fact-checkers found that Gordon Brown, not Tony Blair, introduced the Equality Act and the Climate Change Act.

Equality Act 2010

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Truss using these as reasons for her choice of “worst Prime Minister in recent times” shows her character, as the Equality Act attempts to stamp out discrimination in the workplace.

Democratic System Change

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In the interview, Truss also claimed that the country’s democratic process needed changing since external parties have the power to delay or overrule a decision made by the PM.

Truss’s Issue With UK Democracy

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“We have a problem in this country that someone elected on a mandate can’t deliver that mandate because the unelected state don’t want to deliver it,” said Truss.

Truss Under Fire

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Truss, who claimed it was the “deep state” who were to blame for her short stint as Prime Minister, has been under fire recently for her right-wing actions.

Truss Appears on Far-Right Platform

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Most recently, Truss appeared on an American platform hosted by a known, far-right political commentator.

Host’s Joke About Sexual Assault

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The host, Carl Benjamin, was criticised for a controversial “joke” he made about  assaulting a member of the Labour Party.

Misogynistic Joke Revealed

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The comment, aimed at Labour MP Jess Phillips, was a misogynistic attempt to downplay sexual violence against women. 

Calls for Truss’s Removal

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Since Truss’s appearance on the platform, Phillips has written a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urging Truss to be removed from the Party.

Revealing All in the Letter

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In the letter, Phillips revealed, “When I highlighted the volume of r*** threats received by female MPs, including myself, Benjamin responded, ‘I wouldn’t even r*** you’”.

Truss’s Far-Right Tendencies

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Truss has also been criticised for her failure to speak out against another political commentator who called far-right figure Tommy Robinson a “hero” during an interview with the former Prime Minister.

Chances of Reelection

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The interview with her local newspaper has now gone viral and may dampen her chances of being reelected as the MP of South West Norfolk.

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