Budget Banter: Chancellor’s Weight Jibe at Starmer Sparks Debate

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt used the focus of his budget announcement to make a comment that surprised everyone, urging the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to “shed a few pounds.”

Hunt’s Dig at Starmer’s Weight

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While announcing the Spring Budget to the House of Commons, Jeremy Hunt followed the trend of taking digs at Labour leader Keir Starmer’s weight, by jesting about marathon training.

Hunt Makes Daring Comparison

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Hunt also took a moment to make a tongue-in-cheek comment that compared Starmer’s weight-loss advice to the financial situation of poor families across the UK if Labour managed to win the general election.

Lord Mandelson Gives Appearance Advice

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Hunt’s comments came after House of Lords member and former Labour MP, Lord Peter Mandelson, gave the Labour leader some advice on a podcast regarding his appearance.

Changing Public Perception Through Weight Loss

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Lord Mandelson told the podcast host that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer should “shed a few pounds” in his argument that it may help change public perception of him.

Comparing Starmer’s Weight to Economic Turmoil

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt noted in his Spring Budget announcement what Lord Mandelson said about Sir Keir Starmer, comparing it to the dire financial situation that he believed Labour would put the country into.

Hunt Takes Double Dig

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Jeremy Hunt told the room that Mandelson suggested Starmer should “shed a few pounds,” arguing that the poor families of the UK would also “shed more than a few pounds” if Labour were to win the election.

Hunt Takes a Swipe at Starmer

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Jeremy Hunt seized the moment to address Lord Mandelson’s comment, suggesting that if Starmer wanted to shed pounds, he could join Hunt in his marathon training, but how did Starmer and his crew react?

Starmer Laughs Along With Hunt

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Starmer appeared to be enjoying the light-hearted banter, although looking slightly red in the face, he was laughing along with the controversial comments made by the Chancellor at such a serious point of the financial year.

Starmer’s Allies Back Him Up

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Outside of Parliament, Starmer’s political comrades were quick to come to his defence, with Labour’s Shadow Secretary Wes Streeting arguing that Lord Mandelson was not always so slim himself over the years.

Lord Mandelson “Should Know Better”

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Streeting claimed that as the Shadow Health Secretary, he was “against that kind of fat shaming,” adding that “Peter Mandelson should know better.”

Mandelson’s “Paunch” Debate

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Streeting suggested that Lord Mandelson was not so slim himself over the years, arguing that he had a “paunch” and “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Targeting Sunak’s Attire

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Lord Mandelson wasn’t just targeting the Labour leader, but also taking a dig at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his choice of suits and style.

Sunak’s “Skinny” Suits an Issue

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Lord Mandelson noted that his “problem with Rishi Sunak’s fashion is that he wears these skinny suits and narrow ties and they diminish him,” before attempting to “even” things up.

A Double-Blow For UK’s Leaders

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After berating Sunak’s choice in style, Lord Mandelson claimed “Just to be even-handed about it, by the same token, Keir Starmer needs to shed a few pounds.”

Streeting Accuses “Squatter” Sunak

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Streeting followed his rant by turning on the Prime Minister, accusing him of “squatting” in Downing Street and demanding a general election to be called as early as “May.”

Starmer Slams “Con” Budget Announcement

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Starmer’s response to the Chancellor’s budget was not as light-hearted as the moments before, suggesting that the British public can spot a “con” when they see one.

The “Chuckle Brothers of Decline”

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Starmer went one step further, responding to the “fat shaming” comments by referring to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt as the “Chuckle Brothers of decline,” who are “smiling as the ship goes down.”

“Rishi’s Recession”

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Starmer went on a rant, calling the last few months, “Rishi’s recession” referring to the recession that the UK slipped into at the start of the year, arguing that the Tories had “maxed out the UK’s credit card.”

Averting the Public’s Attention

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Hunt’s attempt at highlighting Starmer’s weight during the announcement of the Budget seems to be an attempt to avert the public’s eye from the seriousness of the UK’s economic state.

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