Feardom of Speech: Sunak Clamps Down on UK Cancel Culture

In a recent address, the Prime Minister insisted that cancel culture is “not what this country stands for” in an attempt to bring back freedom of expression.

Prime Minister’s Address 

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The Prime Minister expressed his concern about ‘cancel culture’ infiltrating the UK, claiming it doesn’t fit the country’s ideals.

Defending Democracy

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated the government’s commitment to defending democracy and combating threats to freedom of expression, including intimidation of MPs.

Targeting MPs “Unacceptable”

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“It’s why we’re defending democracy, and tackling unacceptable threats to MPs…” Sunak said, referencing the threats such as the one targeting Chancellor Jeremy Hunt before he made his Spring Budget announcement.

Protecting MPs and Tackling Disinformation

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Sunak pledged the government was “putting in place new measures to protect them (MPs) from intimidation, and new defences against foreign interference and disinformation.”

UK Must Uphold Liberal Values

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According to the Prime Minister, the country must uphold its liberal values and fight against those who try to claim their views are more important than anyone else’s.

Speech at the Society of Editors Conference

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The Prime Minister delivered his message during a speech at the 25th Society of Editors Conference in London.

Freedom of Speech

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Sunak used the evening to strictly outline the government’s stance on protecting freedom of speech.

Fostering a New Environment

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Sunak argued that a new environment must be created that allows people to speak their minds without fear of being judged.

Cancel Culture’s “Chilling” Effects

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Sunak told the crowd that cancel culture is “not what this country stands for” calling the phenomenon’s effects “chilling.”

“Not Who We Are”

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Sunak insisted that “making people fearful of speaking out” is not “who we are” after Scotland recently passed a hate crime bill that critics argued counter rights to freedom of expression.

George Orwell’s Declaration

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Referencing George Orwell’s famous declaration on liberty, Sunak highlighted the fundamental right to express unpopular opinions.

Clamping Down on Cancel Culture

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Sunak insisted “We cannot allow one group of people to say their experiences are more important than others.”

Comparisons to Russia

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Sunak compared the right to freedom of expression to Russia’s Alexei Navalny who was allegedly killed under the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Killed for Speaking Out?

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Navalny, the political opposition leader who spent a career speaking out against Putin, was found dead in his prison cell earlier in the year.

Highlighting Cases of Tragedy

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Sunak also highlighted the Iranian-British journalist, Pouria Zeraati, who was “stabbed on the street here in London just a month ago.”

Public Look to Remove Sunak

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Despite his efforts to bring the country together, it seems the country has been brought together by its willingness to remove Sunak from office.

Landslide Defeat on the Cards

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Polls have suggested Sunak and the Conservatives are on the brink of a landslide defeat at the hands of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Another By-Election Lost

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On May 2nd, the Conservatives lost another by-election in Blackpool-South, after a tumultuous year for the Tories.

London Mayoral Elections

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The by-election defeat comes just days before the results of the London mayoral elections, with some suggesting a loss for the Tories could mean the end of Sunak’s tenure.

Hate Crime Bill a Factor

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Sunak’s speech is likely in response to the Scottish hate crime bill that looks to prevent and punish people for speaking out against the LGBTQ community.

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