Carol Vorderman Hits Back at Former Mayoral Candidate for “Sexist” Comments

Renowned TV personality Carol Vorderman faced criticism from former Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, who questioned her credibility as a political commentator due to her Instagram posts. Bailey’s remarks, deemed sexist by Vorderman, claimed that she could not be a serious political commentator while posting her physique on social media.

Carol Vorderman Hits Out At Shaun Bailey

The esteemed television personality Carol Vorderman has found herself at the center of a heated exchange with former Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey.

The controversy arose when Bailey, who faced defeat against Sadiq Khan in the 2021 mayoral race, questioned Vorderman’s credibility as a “serious political commentator” during an appearance on GB News.

The crux of Bailey’s argument revolved around what he perceived as a dichotomy between Vorderman’s political insights and her Instagram posts, specifically emphasizing images of her physique.

Political Commentary and Instagram Imagery

Bailey’s comments, delivered on GB News, raised eyebrows as he remarked, “Look on the one hand she’s got all that stuff, you know, she’s a serious political commentator, and then if you look at her Instagram it’s all pictures of her bum and her boobs. So what is it here? She can’t be both.”

This attempt to scrutinize the intersection of political commentary and personal image sparked immediate backlash, particularly from Vorderman and her supporters. It touched upon a broader conversation about the treatment of women in the public eye and the expectations placed upon them.

Accusations of Misogyny

Unfazed by Bailey’s remarks, Carol Vorderman took to Twitter to confront what she perceived as misogynistic commentary. She expressed her sentiments, stating, “So Shaun thinks that women who wear lycra in the gym shouldn’t be allowed a political opinion…. or I assume a vote! Failed Mayoral candidate #SexistShaun was made a Lord last year. Yet another Tory honor for dishonor.” 

The backlash against Bailey’s comments gained momentum with journalist Ava Evans, who had previously faced offensive comments from former actor Laurence Fox on GB News, expressing her support for Vorderman.

Evans took to social media, stating, “Really exhausting to see this said about [Carol Vorderman]. It’s so easy to use your interview time to go for someone’s arguments, yet he can’t help himself but go for her body.”

Bailey’s Background and Controversial Statements

Lord Bailey, a prominent figure in the Tory party, has not been without his share of controversies. The photograph of him at the infamous lockdown-breaching ‘Jingle and Mingle’ Christmas event in Tory HQ in 2020 drew criticism and required him to issue an “unreserved” apology, acknowledging it as a “serious error of judgment.”

The controversy surrounding Vorderman intensified as Veterans’ Minister Johnny Mercer engaged in a public spat with her. Mercer criticized Vorderman and her Labour election rival Fred Thomas for sharing figures that revealed a rise in homelessness among armed forces veterans. In response, Vorderman shared Thomas’s post, prompting Mercer to accuse them of deliberately misleading the public. 

Attempt to Explain His Remarks

In the face of mounting criticism, Lord Bailey sought to clarify his remarks, stating, “In a recent panel discussion, I used a clumsy form of words to describe Carol Vorderman’s Instagram posts.”

Bailey claimed he intended to highlight Vorderman’s association with the world of glitz and celebrity while criticizing her approach toward those with differing political views, claiming she “bullies those who hold different political views to her own.”

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