Chancellor’s Plea to UK Public After Moscow Attacks

After a mass shooting in Moscow saw Russia’s largest terror attack in 20 years, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has warned the UK public to remain “vigilant.”

Chancellor’s Warning

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has issued a warning about the potential threat posed by Islamic State (IS) to the UK after it claimed 133 lives in Russia.

IS Claims Terror Attack

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IS have claimed responsibility for the terror attack in Moscow, Russia, where four gunmen infiltrated a concert hall in the country’s capital.

133 Lives Claimed

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The attack in Moscow’s concert hall claimed the lives of at least 133 people and is the largest terrorist attack in Russia for the past two decades.

IS-K Claim

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The terror attack in the Russian capital was claimed by Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K), stemming from South Central Asia, namely Afghanistan.

European Concern

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In response to the attack, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt stressed that the rest of Europe, including the UK, should indeed be concerned about such threats.

Putin’s Propaganda Machine

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Hunt accused Putin of creating a “smokescreen of propaganda” to hide the actual cause behind the terror attack.

Hunt’s Lack of Confidence in Putin

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Hunt insisted that the UK has “very little confidence in anything the Russian government says,” arguing that Putin is using the situation to justify the war in Ukraine.

Justifying Ukraine War

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Hunt argued, “We know that they (Russia) are creating a smokescreen of propaganda to defend an utterly evil invasion of Ukraine.”

Hunt Argues UK Should Be “Concerned”

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Hunt was asked whether he believed the UK should be “concerned” about the potential rise in IS across Europe, to which he replied “Absolutely.”

Hunt Praises UK Intelligence

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Despite his concern, Hunt pointed out how “lucky” the UK is to have top intelligence and security, hailing the country’s “incredibly impressive intelligence agencies.”

Agencies Successful in “Foiling” Terror Attacks

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Hunt praised the UK intelligence agencies for “foiling a lot of terrorist threats over recent years” although issued another warning to the public.

Vigilance Necessary

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Hunt said that although the country has some of the best security agencies, the public still needs to remain vigilant.

Indiscriminate Threat

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Hunt also stressed that groups like Islamic State are indiscriminate in their actions and are willing to carry out horrific acts of violence.

Hunt’s Warning to the Public

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Hunt insisted that “we have to remain vigilant – and, you know, if it is Islamic State, they are utterly indiscriminate in what they do.”

Threat Level Discussion

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Regarding the possibility of raising the UK’s threat level, Hunt noted that such decisions are made through a “special system” within the government without disclosing any information.

Hunt’s Sympathy Towards Russians

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Hunt remained sympathetic towards the Russians who lost their lives, calling the attack a “tragedy” after 133 “innocent” Russians were killed.

Taking Putin With a Pinch of Salt

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Hunt said that while the loss of innocent lives was tragic, he still takes Putin’s response with an enormous pinch of salt.”

Intelligence Monitoring

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He mentioned that the intelligence agencies, including MI5, MI6, and GCHQ, continuously monitor events and intelligence reports to assess potential threats.

Current Threat Level

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As of now, the UK’s threat level remains at “substantial,” indicating that an attack is likely, according to the Security Service (MI5).

Ukraine Responds to Claims

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Ukraine has responded to Putin’s claims that the country currently being invaded by Russia had something to do with the terror attacks carried out by IS-K, calling Putin’s accusations “absurd.”

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