Insulting and Insufficient: Church’s Pathetic Offer Ignores Deep Wounds

The Church of England has refused to commit to a target of £1 billion in reparations for its investments in the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, despite acknowledging wrongdoings. It will instead stick with its original £100 million offer deemed “not enough” by a report.

Church’s Historical Ties to Slave Trade

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The Church of England has failed to commit to a £1 billion target to address its historical financial connections to the slave trade, after facing criticism for initially pledging £100 Million. 

Investigation Reveals Church Truths

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An investigation, conducted last year, revealed that the Church of England was a main investor in a company responsible for transporting thousands of slaves.

Church of England Recognizes Wrongdoing

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The Church of England’s Archbishop admitted he was “deeply sorry” for the investments and the investigation revealed the Church’s regret and remorse for its actions that took place at the time.

Charity Suggests £1 Billion Reparation

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The report suggested the church paid a sum of £1 billion, which is ten times its initial offer after the independent report by the Church Commissioners Charity, which the church has not accepted.

Oversight Group Deems Initial £100 Million Insufficient

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According to the charity and its final reports after the investigation, the £100 million initially pledged wasn’t enough to address the historical damage caused by its links to slavery.

Making up for “Moral Sin”

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The charity insisted that the initial £100 million was not “relative either to the scale of the endowment or to the scale of the moral sin and crime.”

£100 Million a “Seed Investment”

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A spokesperson for the Church of England admitted that it would not commit to £1 billion, but insists that the £100 million would be seen as a “seed investment” that would grow over time.

Archbishop Speaks of New Beginning

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The Archbishop of Canterbury acknowledged that the pledge would be “the beginning of a multi-generational response to the appalling evil of transatlantic chattel enslavement”.

Church Must “Take Action”

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The Archbishop of Canterbury also said it’s about time the church took “action to address our shameful past” while announcing the original £100 million offer, which was slammed by the report authors.

Church Responsible for Company’s Horrific Actions

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The company, in which the Church of England invested £406,942, was responsible for transporting 34,000 slaves in atrocious conditions across the Atlantic in the 30 years that it operated before slavery was abolished in the UK.

A New Approach 

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Whereas many reparation offers in the US paid families directly, many have criticized the method, resulting in the Church of England using the money to create a brighter future for aspiring black individuals.

Backing the Aspirations of the Youth

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The Church Commissioners should “aim to back the most brilliant social entrepreneurs, educators, healthcare givers, asset managers and historians,” according to the report.

Church Urged Not to Pay Cash to Families

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Unlike many cases that came before it, the church “will not pay cash compensation to individuals or provide grants to government bodies.”

A Pledge to Black-Owned Businesses

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The report suggested that the money should also be used to back black-owned businesses, “socioeconomic mobility across racial lines” and provide “competitive and/or below-market leases to black businesses”.

Bishop of Croydon’s Admission

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The Bishop of Croydon, Chair of the group that wrote the report, Right Rev Dr Rosemarie Mallett, acknowledged that “No amount of money can fully atone for or fully redress the centuries-long impact of African chattel enslavement,” but praised the Church for its pledge.

Church Must Apologize According to Report

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The report also urged the church to issue an apology for its role in the slave trade and denying that black Africans were created under the image of God for so long.

Church of England’s Role in Conversion

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The report accused the Church of England of “deliberate actions to destroy diverse African religious belief systems” as it forcefully converted slaves to Christianity and failed to respect their previous beliefs and traditions.

Other British Institutions Linked to Slave Trade

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The royal family and the Bank of England have also been associated with the transatlantic slave trade but so far the UK will not agree with calls for reparations, although there’s a chance that could change with the new proposals.

Church Could Attract New Members

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Chief Executive of the Church Commissioners Charity, Gareth Mostyn, hopes that by accepting the wrongs of its past, the church would potentially attract new members, “By addressing the past transparently the church will be more relevant to more people,” he said.

A Snowball Effect?

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Despite not pledging the billion-pound target, the Church of England’s response could act as a stepping stone for new beginnings, leading to other organizations admitting wrongdoings in the past.

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