“Full Explanation” Demanded After Co-Op Live Venue Becomes a Laughing Stock

Over a hundred thousand fans have been let down in the last two weeks after “technical issues” with he highly anticipated Co-op Live Arena in Manchester. Many are wondering how this could happen, including Co-op itself.

Co-Op Live Arena Cancellation

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Manchester’s highly anticipated Co-op Live Arena faced yet another setback as it cancelled another show due to a number of issues. 

Technical Issues Strike Again

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The latest show was cancelled due to a “technical issue,” becoming the third to be cancelled before the venue had even opened its doors.

Previous Postponements

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The venue has been the subject of jokes online as it was scheduled to open its doors in May for a show with rapper Boogie Wit da Hood.

Queuing Fans Disappointed

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The rapper and the new Co-op Arena had to disappoint fans, many of whom were already queuing outside to enter.

Latest Singer Cancels Show

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The latest show to be cancelled was American singing sensation Olivia Rodrigo, who became the third to disappoint fans in the space of a week at the arena.

“Venue-Related Technical Issue”

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The arena posted a statement online stating that it had informed devastated fans of the news, citing a “venue-related technical issue.”

Postponement Announcement

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“Due to an ongoing venue-related technical issue, the scheduled performances of Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour on May 3 and 4 May are being postponed,” the statement read.

Refunds Promised

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The rather abrupt statement carried on to promise refunds to those disgruntled fans, “Ticket holders can either hold onto their tickets or obtain a refund at point of purchase,” it said.

UK’s Largest Indoor Arena

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Although this wasn’t as late as the cancelled Boogie Wit da Hood show, it’s still not a great look for what was supposed to be the largest indoor arena in the UK.

Multiple Cancelled Shows

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The venue, which was supposed to welcome 23,500 fans through its doors, also cancelled a show that was scheduled to take place in front of 11,000 arena workers.

Rick Astley Disappoints 

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The performance was supposed to be from none other than Rick Astley before the staff were left disappointed with more technical issues.

Peter Kay’s Tragic Comeback

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The popular British comedian Peter Kay was scheduled to be the first performer at the venue after his comeback tour sold out in minutes last year.

Back-To-Back Sold-Out Shows Cancelled

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Kay was supposed to perform two sold-out shows on the 23rd and 24th of April this year.

Co-op Under Fire

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The popular grocery store Co-op is also under fire after the three cancelled shows, which resulted in a statement issued by a company spokesperson.

Co-Op Clears Its Name

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The spokesperson said in a statement that they were “shocked” by the ongoing technical issues and disruptions in an attempt to clear its name.

Co-Op “Shocked” by Disruption

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“As the naming rights sponsor for Co-op Live, we are shocked at the incident which has led to the late cancellation of tonight’s show at the arena,” the statement said.

Sharing in the Disappointment

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Co-op confirmed that no one was injured during the technical issues while insisting it understands the fans’ frustration.

Co-Op Members Affected

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“We are relieved that no one has been injured, but we share the disappointment and frustration of ticket holders, many of whom are Co-op members,” it said.

Targeting Oak View Group

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Co-op even called out the group it hired to develop the arena, Oak View Group, demanding an explanation from the company regarding the circumstances.

Oak View Group Responsible

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“We will be seeking a full explanation from Oak View Group, who are responsible for the building, to the obvious questions arising from this,” the statement continued.

Heartbreak for Travelling Fans

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As the Co-op attempts to clear its name, the country waits to see how such a huge error could occur, resulting in heartbreak for so many fans travelling across the country.

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