Bombed Out: Concerns as UK Nuclear Tests Fails AGAIN

A nuclear missile test conducted by the UK, just off the coast of the US, has ended in failure for the second time in a row, resulting in questions about the UK’s readiness for a potential conflict with Russia.

British Nuclear Missile Test Faces Setback

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The UK’s Trident 2 ballistic missile test ended in failure as the weapon crashed into the sea near the launching submarine. 

Nuclear Missile Fails in US

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The Trident nuclear missile was fired off the HMS Vanguard, a Royal Navy submarine, just off the United States East Coast

Previous Test Saw Similar Fate

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Eight years ago, in 2016, another UK nuclear test missile met the same fate as it was fired off the HMS Vengeance submarine.

Missile Veered Off Course

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Back then, a Trident 2 D5 missile was launched, targeting an area of sea just off the West African coast, but the missile changed its path and headed straight for the United States. 

“Anomaly” Missile Test

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The most recent missile launch also ended in failure, which the Ministry of Defence described as an “anomaly.”

Ministry of Defence Acknowledges Setback

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The Ministry of Defence confirmed the occurrence of an “anomaly, but despite the setback, authorities assure the public that Britain’s nuclear deterrent remains “safe, secure, and effective.”

Secrecy Surrounding National Security

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Due to national security concerns, the defence ministry refrained from disclosing further details about the incident, “As a matter of national security, we cannot provide further information on this,” they said.

High-Ranking Officials Witness Misfire

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First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Ben Key and Defence Secretary Grant Shapps were onboard HMS Vanguard to witness the failed test launch. 

Missile’s Booster Malfunction

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Armed with dummy warheads, the missile’s booster rockets malfunctioned, resulting in the missile crashing into the sea.

Absolute Confidence in the UK’s Nuclear Deterrent

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Reports suggest that the misfire may not have occurred under real mission conditions, assuring the public that the Ministry of Defence still has “absolute confidence” in the UK’s nuclear program.

Troubled History of Trident Tests

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Despite this confidence, the UK hasn’t delivered a successful nuclear test since 2012, citing the 2016 failure to a problem with the “data acquisition system,” forcing the missile to be diverted into the ocean before heading to the United States.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has hailed the Trident missile as one of the “most reliable weapons system in the world”, costing a huge £17 million per missile.

Labour Party Admit Concerns

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The Labour Party took the opportunity to slam Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for the test failure, calling it a “concerning” issue for the UK’s national security.

British Army Suffering Recruitment Issues

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Sunak has come under scrutiny recently for the British Army’s lack of recruits despite concerns about a potential conflict with Russia.

Shapps’ ‘Prewar’ Phase 

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Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said that the UK is currently in the “prewar” phase despite recruitment being at one of the lowest periods in history.

US Navy Shows Concerns

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Carlos Del Torro, the US Navy Secretary, spoke of the USs concerns about the size and readiness of the UK army if it were to be suddenly forced into conflict with Russia.

US Calls for UK to “Reassess”

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“I think it’s important for the United Kingdom to reassess where they are today, given the threats that exist today,’ Del Torro said in an interview.

Largest Drills Since Cold War Take Place

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The UK recently sent a number of troops over to Eastern Europe to engage in the largest military drills since the Cold War, but even that hasn’t gone smoothly.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Recalled

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The HMS Queen Elizabeth was originally scheduled to ship soldiers to the other side of the continent, but it was recalled at the last minute due to system failures and replaced by the HMS Prince of Wales.

Will the UK be Ready?

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With concerns of a global conflict with Russia on everyone’s minds, the Labour Party and the US continue to press the government to fix the issues surrounding the British Army’s readiness for combat.

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